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Zanussi ZWD1680 Washer Dryer - Dilemma



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  • Zanussi ZWD1680 Washer Dryer - Dilemma

    Hi, I would like some advice with regards to this Zanussi product. I purchased this washer/dryer approx a month ago.
    The problem being, that when the machine spins, the whole kitchen vibrates.
    The vibration is affecting the cooker and can be felt in the floor.
    Had an engineer come out and he said that this is normal as the newer washiong machines use a shock absorber system.
    He said that we should perhaps put some carpet under the machine and see if it helps.
    The machine has been checked for levelling etc and all the transit bolts have been removed.
    Is this normal ? Or is this a faulty machine.
    The shop where we purchased it have offered to take it back and we can try another Zanussi or a different model.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Zanussi ZWD1680 Washer Dryer - Dilemma

    What condition are your floor joists in? If you jump on the floor does it feel springy?


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      Re: Zanussi ZWD1680 Washer Dryer - Dilemma

      Most continental machines are designed to run on concrete floors, not our wooden suspended floor. Putting carpet under the feet raises the machine off the floor and exacerbate the problem.

      Bear in mind that 1600 spin is totally excessive, which will lead to short bearing and motor life and as you are finding, big vibration problems.

      As your retailed has been kind enough to offer an exchange, plump for an 11/1200 machine and things should improve markedly.

      Which bit of "Unplug it" is causing the problem?
      Stop eMailing me. This is a perfectly good forum - use it!


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        Re: Zanussi ZWD1680 Washer Dryer - Dilemma

        Hi thanks for your replies !
        I forgot to mention that when the machine is run on 1200 spin instead of 1600 it still vibrates like crazy.
        Also, the machine is ona tiled floor.
        We previously had an old Hoover purchsed in 96 and that was a good machine. Not very noisy, although it used to bang at the sides !!
        Can anyone recommend a good brand/model to go for instead ??(WasherDryer)
        Or will a different Zanussi be better.


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          Re: Zanussi ZWD1680 Washer Dryer - Update

          Hi everyone.
          I spoke to the shop where I bought it from and they were very helpful.
          They said that I should try another machine(Same model) just to make sure that the original one wasn't faulty.
          Got the new machine and I'm happy to say that it is fine. No racket or vibration even on 1600 spin, although will only be using 1200 for regular washing.
          Thanks for all your help.
          Take care


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