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Wiring? Hotpoint dryer tdc 30



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  • Wiring? Hotpoint dryer tdc 30

    Hi wonder if I may ask for a little help with identifying a section of wiring on a a well used hotpoint aquarius tdc 30 dryer.

    Just got the new heater element (Thank you) and fitted ok, but problem with the wiring last night.
    When I tried the machine no heat even with the drying light on and then discovered the combined orange / blue (Two wires) were not on the drain tank switch. Im assuming the heater supply is routed through this tank switch.

    I'd previously taken the tank out to clean (and did it need it!) so pretty sure I've not fitted the wires back correctly to switch. A real bugger to fit as they're not long enough to fit while tank was outside. Have to be fitted with tank inside using fingernails.
    Anyway, not knowing circuit or able to see enough to work out whats going on, I wonder if you can tell me what the appropriate wire colours are to the float switch and where.
    Not sure which spade is common and which way round switch operates ie no/nc
    I've got the blue /orange wire on the bottom spade at the mo' is this correct?
    Incidently I cannot believe there is not a relay at the the very least operated by this switch that ultimatly controles the heater. Which means this little microswitch on the water drain tank is switching ten Amps?? Then again it is a hotpoint.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Wiring? Hotpoint dryer tdc 30

    If you check through the switch with a circuit tester the black and white wire should provide a circuit to orange wire to heater circuit when the float chamber is empty of water, when it is full the supply is taken of the heaters and illuminates the empty neon, incidently that small flimsy sw doesnt give any prob's normally.


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      Re: Wiring? Hotpoint dryer tdc 30

      The heaters on these driers tend to be a relable heater you sure it's not the thermostats above heater or possibly the thermostat in the front air duct that one has caught many an engineer out.


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        Re: Wiring? Hotpoint dryer tdc 30

        Who are you Guest? Please do us the courtesy of either identifying yourself (as you are giving professional advice), or joining UKW as a member.

        CleverDicky - pull the plug before doing any of the above.

        Which bit of "Unplug it" is causing the problem?
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          Re: Wiring? Hotpoint dryer tdc 30

          If my memory serves me correctly the OP was on the boards a week or so ago, I think he fitted stats but noticed the heater was damaged.

          Firstly , this micro switch is rated at 16 amps., perfectly suitable for a heater.

          When the micro switch is in situ the highest terminal on the side opposite the activating pip is common, the centre or No:4 terminal is N/O the lowest or No:2 terminal is N/C
          The double wire including the one that goes to the green spot stat goes to terminal 2, the single wire going to the neon goes on No:4 , the other wire ( can be double on some models) has one wire that goes to the motor, via a connector that also goes back to the timer.
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            Re: Wiring? Hotpoint dryer tdc 30

            Thanks guys, got it working now.


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