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Old AEG Lavamat motor replacement saga



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  • Old AEG Lavamat motor replacement saga

    My old Lavamat 6350 washing machine's bearings went, and I missed the early-warning signs (noise, brown sludge from the bearing drain hole). The bearings seized and the motor overheated. Finding a replacement was a major challenge, and I thought I should share what I discovered.

    The problem is that, as documented elsewhere on this website, manufacturers change motors more frequently than they change model numbers. It's vital to have the original motor part number. Of course the sticky label identifying mine fell off, and got lost while replacing the bearings.

    By all accounts, the original motor is no longer available. I went to Electrolux (who took AEG over), and they tried very hard to get a replacement, using part numbers for superseding motors. They even got a motor from Spain to the UK.

    However, there was a problem with the motors supplied, the important point of this saga: they had a different drive pulley size. The burnt out motor pulley was about 17 mm diameter; the replacement's pulley was 25 mm. Both motors use the same tachometer sensor in the speed control circuit, which means they do the same RPM during the wash cycle.

    Increasing the motor pulley size like this increases the drum RPM during the wash from about 55 rpm to over 80 rpm. That's too fast to tumble - if you do the maths (centrifugal force is "omega-squared times radius") you find 80 rpm produces about 2G. The laundry sticks to the outside of the drum and doesn't tumble into the soapy water, and so the cleaning action is much reduced.

    With a workshop lathe, I could reduce the pulley diameter and cut new grooves to suit the drive belt. That's not easy; it took me several days to find out the pulley specs. and make the changes, and it's clearly not for most people. My machine is washing correctly now, though I think the spin speed is down (maybe spin speed control doesn't use the tachometer).

    Moral of this saga: if you want a new motor for an old AEG machine, make sure you get the same size pulley on any replacement, and don't trust lists of supposedly compatible machines with different pulley sizes. If you can't get the same size pulley, I guess you might be able to get a replacement motor control board to match the replacement motor, but that is getting pretty expensive.

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    Re: Old AEG Lavamat motor replacement saga

    With a workshop lathe, I could reduce the pulley diameter and cut new grooves to suit the drive belt.
    Nice one! Glad there`s someone out there who still uses a lathe. Mine`s roughly 70 years old but still just about accurate for what I use it for, mostly making spun discs in to cones for copper jewellery/ art projects and the odd motorcycle part when something falls off- e.g kick start cotter pin.


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