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Bosch WFO2467GB dead, please help me fix it



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  • Bosch WFO2467GB dead, please help me fix it

    Hi all,

    My washing machine this morning broke down.

    It was in the middle of a wash and the house circuit breaker tripped.
    I reset the breaker but the washing machine won't come back on.

    I checked the fuse in the plug and its ok.

    I have taken the lid off and checked the voltage across the first component (mains filter?) and it reads 220v.
    I checked the output voltage of that same component and it also reads 220v.

    From there the grey cables go into the control unit and that's the end of my journey!

    The control panel has no display when switched on, no error codes, just dead.

    I would very much appreciate some help diagnosing the fault so I can order spare parts without breaking the bank.

    Thank you, John

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    Re: Bosch WFO2467GB dead, please help me fix it

    Time to take a close inside the control unit. Make a careful note of the wire connections before dismantling.


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      Re: Bosch WFO2467GB dead, please help me fix it

      Thanks but I'm not an electrical engineer so I'm not sure how to diagnose a fault on the circuit board. I was hoping if someone can point me in the right direction to see if there are relays or anything else I could check. I don't mind replacing the whole control unit IF I diagnose that that is the faulty unit. Cheaper than a new machine!
      But I don't want to replace a pile of parts unnecessarily.


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