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Bosch WFL2260 Not Heating



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  • Bosch WFL2260 Not Heating

    Greetings oh Wise Ones :-)

    I have a Bosch WFL 2260 washing machine and have just fitted a new drain pump successfully, it empties the machine reliably, quickly and quietly :-)
    I took the opportunity to clean out things while I was in there and found that the little (vent?) pipe between the drum and the drain outlet was blocked with grey gunk, cleaned that out and everything else seems OK.
    Now the machine runs through it's programs with no hitches.

    But the drum water doesn't heat up!

    The element measures about 26 ohms (about 2KW), so seems ok.

    As part of my checking I blew down the pipe to the fill sensor/pressure switch, while the switch was still attached! Have I damaged it?

    The switch still clicks when I gently blow down it's pipe but only one pair of the four contacts make and break when I do so. Presumably both pairs should switch? Minimum fill & maximum fill?
    There is no contact diagram on the switch or any pressure markings, or at least none that I can read!

    The machine stops filling as it did before, so is it NOT making the minimum level contacts to enable heating but IS making the maximum level contacts to stop filling?

    OR am I just thinking nonsense? :-)

    Thanks, Goffy.
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    Check the pcb for heater relay dry joint. If so replace relay


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