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WVT1260GB Steam coming from detergent drawer when drying



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  • WVT1260GB Steam coming from detergent drawer when drying

    Hello everybody

    I'm pleased to say that I have not had to post anything here for 5 years - that's not to say the WVT1260GB has been trouble free in that time (far from it but I have been able to resolve them on my own). The most recent thing to have failed on the machine has been the control dial - I ended up buying a second hand motherboard + fascia for 50 which was a bargain - but would have preferred just getting the replacement electomechanical dial for a lot less ).

    However, there are a couple of things not right.

    1) Steam emanates from the detergent drawer when drying
    I have emptied and cleaned the condenser bottle. I even went to the length of uncoupling the bottom end of the condenser where it mates with the drum. It was all clear. The fan works, the heater element works and the pump works. I can see that the water valve magnet does supply cold water to the condenser bottle. However I noticed that sometimes when the drying cycle starts, the water valve magnet does not seem to release water immediately. On other occasions, it does seem to send water to the condenser straight away. I tested the voltage across the terminals when no water was flowing and read 0v (could the replacement motherboard be at fault?)
    This may be a red herring because even when water is running to the condenser, steam still comes out of the detergent drawer.
    The clothes do come out dry as one would expect (not hot and damp/wet). Any clues?

    2) Excessive wobble and knocking noise on fast spin
    On a spin cycle I think the drum and assembly are vibrating too much - its not got to the stage where the machine is walking across the floor, but I can tell things are not right because the excessive wobbling is causing knocking (not sure which part of the machine is hitting the outer casing). Could this be the shock absorbers/dampers, drum bearings, or both? I think the bearings may be on their way out in any case, because the drum makes groaning noises at low RPMs e.g. drying, and probably what you'd call whining at speed.
    Any idea how I can diagnose which is at fault?

    And finally, whilst I don't want to throw in the towel (I reckon I've had the machine over 10 years and conclude it is a badly designed), should I be spending any more on keeping this going ... or putting that cash towards a more efficient and newer machine?

    Thanks for you help and advice.
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