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bosch washing machine leaking water



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  • bosch washing machine leaking water

    The model number is WFK 2801 which was purchased brand new in May 2000 (see picture below from another website)

    If you imgaine standing facing the front of the machine, a small amount of water about half to a full size tea cup, leaks out onto the kitchen floor. The leak to me is coming from underneath the washing machine at the bottom left corner (by the front foot on that side of the machine as that is the area where the water collects). It is my understanding that the pump of the machine is also located in that area, I am no expert but perhaps the leak is coming from the pump?

    The water seems only to leak about 2-3 times during a full programme when doing a full load of washing.

    1) Any idea what the problem may be?
    2) Given the age of the machine. Is this worth getting fixed?
    3) What is the likely cost going to be and what part would be required?
    4) Is the part likely to be available given the age of the machine?

    Finally, if we have to replace the Machine. Is it worth buying another Bosch? i.e what are todays bosch machines like?. I am not sure whether a bosch made in 2018 will be the same quality as this long lasting applicance.

    thank you for any help given.
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    my first port of call would be to have a good look at the door seal

    if it has a hole above the waterline it will only leak now and then



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      I carefully examined the door seal area and can see two holes by the sump area. So I guess that it the cause of the leak? Picture above
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        no that's normal. if that was your leak it would flood out

        I was thinking splits in the rubber from quarter to - to quarter past so above the main water line

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          thank you for your reply

          what about these two small tears? In the 7-8 oíclock position
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            now that look possible



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              Thank you for the reply.

              So do you think that is the problem ? ie the 2 small tears in the above picture
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                if you take the rubber off round the door after it been leaking you should be able to see wet where the tears are if yes you have found it



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                  I got a local repair person to have a look at the machine this morning.

                  he confirms that it needs a new door seal. We will likely get him to fit the part. Doesnít make sense to scrap the machine as it still works etc.

                  His opinion was that Bosch ainít as good as they used to be and he recommended buying a BEKO in terms of a new machine, which case as a great surprise!


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                    like most manufacturers they try to produce machines for all markets

                    the WAN series is ok at the moment but other models don't seem to last as well

                    beko is not bad these days but Miele is still the best make



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                      Thank you dave

                      what about any of the Bosch WAT and Bosch WAW models?

                      what about Siemens ?
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                        a lot of bosch machines use sealed tubs. in my experience these tubs don't last as well as the ones you can split. I think the WAN series is made in the polish factory and have used products made in the same factory for years under heavy use conditions
                        you can check easily if the unit you want to buy has a sealed tub
                        in the case of bosch go here

                        put in the Enr number you are looking at and you will get a list. choose the highest last number

                        then look at the diagrams of the tub and see if you can buy individual components or is it just one unit

                        you can do the same with siemens here




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                          The washing machine is leaking again. See pictures in the link above showing the extent of the water on the floor when the programme has about finished.

                          Water appears during the course of a wash programme to trickle down on the front of the machine from underneath the
                          Centre of the door. You can clearly see the staining on the front of the machine to indicate this.

                          the door seal was replaced in January of this year, Iíve checked all around the seal and can see no rips or tears.


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                            clean the glass where the seal contacts it. use one of those small sponges with the green scourer on one side to remove all the limescale



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                              Thank you Dave

                              don't think that area has even been cleaned in almost 19 years since the machine was purchased but gave everything a good clean with a glass cleaner and a cloth. Dirt certainly came off.

                              I think you you are suggesting dirt is getting caught between the rubber seal and the glass door, so little water gets through?


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