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Cheap Washing Machine Failed. Are They All This Bad?



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  • Cheap Washing Machine Failed. Are They All This Bad?

    My 6 or 7 year old Curry's Essentials C510WM13 drum bearings have failed. I thought I could fix them as I used to work on a mid 90's cheap Whirlpool machine that developed several faults that I fixed with help off this forum (forgot my old username). I thought it was cheap tat, but I could work on it. I had it for about 15 years. I replaced it with this one, its lasted ok, but I live alone, have a daughter that comes every weekend, so it hardly had a difficult life compared to some.. Still its good for 150. I've tried to take the machine to bits today but I can't be bothered, its utter junk. It has had panels, spot welded in place, and as such it only has one small opening on the back unless I took out rivets or whatever. Access is terrible to get to what attaches the drum to the chassis at the bottom of it. As such I'm scrapping it.

    Are they all just complete crap now, I know they have sealed bearings now, so are junk if they go. Unless you pay a lot more, which really doesn't interest me. Are there any mid range machines worth paying for? Are any of the cheap machines not bad? Obviously buying this tat with a one year warranty makes you think. Are the Grundig's worth getting for the 5 year warranty? Thanks for any advice.
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    since Grundig machines seem to be made by Beko guartentee seems good unless you can get a beko a lot cheaper

    you could also look at the bosch WAN series as these still seem have drums that can be split to change bearings and have a 2 year guarantee

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      Thanks for that man. Is the Bosch ok to work on though? Can you remove the front panel, or does it have a large removable rear panel? This complete piece of sh** I have, could've been worked on, if you put it on a stand, where you could get access to the underneath, to remove the motor, the weight on the lower part of the drum etc. I just couldn't be bothered for a 150 piece of crap. I just wondered if the Bosch was actually easier to work on. If it isn't I think I'm going to get a cheap Beko, and bin it when it fails...


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        you can currently get the bosch WAN28050GB for 349 on one site I found. it comes with 2 years guarantee

        if you need parts breakdowns with bosch you can go to

        put in the Enr number. ( with a new machine you wont have the last 2 digits so choose the highest number )

        on page 2 of the above machine you will find the tub. look at the tub components. if they are different part numbers and prices then you can split the tub if need be



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          Cheers Dave, that's great. I've ordered a Bosch WAN28150GB..
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            My 8 year old Siemens failed too - bearings worn out. I really thought it would have lasted longer considering they pride themselves on German engineering.....
            It was heavily used - family of 4. The only thing I have noticed between a cheap and an expensive machine is that the expensive machine cleans clothes far better. My previous washing machine was a Servis & it cleaned terribly, clothes still came out stained. I'm talking heavily stained baby & kids clothes - curry stains, vomit, mud/grass stains, nappy stains, the lot. The Servis couldn't get rid of the stains...

            Whereas the Siemens cleaned the kids clothes really well & all came out stain free.

            I replaced the Siemens with a Miele (10 year guarantee) & it does an equally good job of cleaning the clothes. Everything comes out spotless. I never have to use Vanish. I'm not sure how or why these 2 expensive machines are able to clean clothes better???

            It depends on your own needs. With a family of 4, with kids that trash their clothes, I need a washing machine that can live up to the job of cleaning clothes properly.


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              For 15 quids worth of parts to fix the Currys Essentials C510wm13 seems a bit of a shame: 6204 6205 bearings and a v35x56x10/11.5mm oil seal. If you got 6 to 7 years out of one of these for 150 quid you did very well. They can be taken to pieces and rebuilt but it is just very time consuming
              Siemens. You did well too. Known the Neff version to fail much earlier, more or less the same contraption except Neff is built-in.
              You`d find that the Servis was naff at washing because of the small paddles in fact most of the cheap contraptions out there have fairly small paddles which is why they are cheap. Most still seem to wash reasonably well even so.


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