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Heating element issue on Bosch washing machine



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  • Heating element issue on Bosch washing machine


    I have a Bosch WAQ283S0GB washing machine, around 5 years old. We have been getting a lot of marks on clothing recently, and also the wash cycle appears to complete but then gets stuck on 1 minute for ages.

    A few days ago, I took the door and rubber seal off and gave it a good clean. Then, when I put everything back together, I put a 90 degree wash on with some descaler. I kept an eye on the cycle, and couldn't feel any heat at all (either through the glass or when pausing and feeling the washing).

    I've just taken the heating element out, and it is totally covered in limescale/gunk! Tested it with a continuity tester and there was no reading at all (checked the tester and it works, looks like the temperature sensor is OK). Photos attached.

    Also, inside the hole where the element goes, I can see a lot more gunk/limescale. I've tried to get some out but can't get it all.

    My question is - if I get a new element and fit it, am I wasting my time? Am I wrong thinking that putting on a 90 degree wash when it is fixed with some more descaler will disperse the remaining scum? Looks like we might have been doing cold washes for a while!

    Also, where is the best place to get a new element from? Genuine Bosch parts or are 3rd party ones OK?

    Any help much appreciated, thanks!
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    to be honest have used a lot of non gen heaters on Bosch machine with no problems

    cant be sure which heater is correct for your machine as you have omitted the last 2 digits of the model no

    looked up one at random and got

    but please check before you order



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