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Bosch Serie 6 Washing MC (WAT28460GB/10) Fill problems and error E28 / E29



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  • Bosch Serie 6 Washing MC (WAT28460GB/10) Fill problems and error E28 / E29

    I have the above machine and it's about 3 years old.

    Over the last few weeks we've started to have problems with it after we did a cleaning cycle and it overfilled with foam and the foam started to come out of the detergent tray! Oops. (Although this may be a coincidence)

    For a while the tap symbol was coming on intermittently (not every wash), indicating low mains water pressure, but the water pressure is fine, and I checked the inlet filter which was clear. The machine fills quickly despite the tap symbol.

    Then the machine started randomly filling to different levels. Sometimes as much as half full. I checked the pipe to the water level pressure sensor which was clean and clear, and then reset the sensor using the dial and button combination after manually adding water and then letting it pump it back out. I thought this had fixed it as it did a few wash cycles with no errors.

    Then yesterday during a wash it beeped warning beeps when it was filling for the rinse. The tap symbol didn't come on, but when I tried to clear the error codes again there was an E28 error and and E29 error showing that wouldn't clear. I have no idea what these errors mean as they don't show in the manual.

    I suspected that the inlet flow sensor attached to the inlet solenoid ( was faulty causing the tap symbol to come on intermittently. Or possibly the water level pressure sensor ( causing the random fill levels. But I'm guessing really.

    1) If anyone has a good idea of what might be causing these problems, I'd be grateful for their advice.
    2) If anyone knows what the E28 and E29 error codes mean on this machine (or where I can find out), I think that would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

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    I too have a Bosch Serie 6 washing machine WAT28460GB/10 purchased new in Nov 2015 which appears to have a very similar fault to the one you described; The problem has occurred within the last month and currently shows up with 'a tap symbol' on the information display along with 3 warning beeps - it occurs typically during the water fill part of the selected cycle and is most easy to observe using the Rinse only program when the fault has been known to occur up to 3 times in succession within the selected program though it is not predictable, in fact sometimes it will not occur at all. I have checked the water pressure (which is OK) and the two water inlet filters with no signs of restriction due to debri or other deposits.

    In my case the fault does not prevent the cycle from completing but simply extends its duration. I have also noticed that the water level will vary and as you say on occasions it will reach almost half way up the drum. At this time I have not changed any parts though I also suspect the pressure sensor. I have also read that the problem can be due to a blockage (or partial blockage) in the pressure chamber or in the thin pipe connecting the pressure chamber to the pressure switch though I am not certain this is the cause at this time. The main difference I am seeing (to date) is the absence of E28/29 error codes. As you say if anyone has any other ideas how to fix this problem I would be most grateful. I will keep you posted from my side.

    It does seem potentially significant that the problem has shown up after a similar period of time in both our cases,

    Many thanks, Kind regards,



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      The error codes I was seeing are sort of hidden and only show up when you attempt to reset the machine. Follow the 'Reset the machine' section on this page (Turning the dial and pressing the spin button etc) In my case the machine would not reset and instead showed an E28 then an E29 and beeped at me.

      I think I have actually managed to fix the problem (fingers crossed) so I'll share what I did here in case it helps you or anyone else.

      1) Firstly I replaced the water level pressure sensor. (I bought a 2nd hand one off ebay) but It looks the same as this part (Original Part No: 545-AA-002), except mine was a creamy white colour, not blue.
      Whilst the part was off, I blew down the black pipe it was connected to to make sure it was not blocked (Don't blow down the sensor!).

      After connecting the replacement sensor, I reset the machine by putting 2 litres of water in the drum then running a drain/spin cycle. Then I followed the 'Reset the machine' instructions as above. This time only the E28 error was showing and the E29 error had disappeared. Although it may have been a coincidence. I'm not convinced that the sensor and that error are linked.

      Using the machine after replacing this part, it worked normally, and the cycle managed to finish each time but I was still getting the intermittent tap symbol and beeping during the rinse fill that you describe.

      2) Secondly I replaced the inlet valve assembly with this exact part bought from UKWG. The compatible part was indistinguishable from the original part on my machine. Excellent quality.
      The inlet valve assembly on this machine has a thin black flow rate sensor attached to it that measures the rotation of a small plastic rotor inside the inlet as the water enters the machine. Although the valves worked perfectly, I think the black sensor was failing on my machine and causing the tap symbol to come on intermittently.

      I replaced the whole solenoid valve assembly, complete with new black sensor. (Looking at the assembly from the inside of the machine you have to press the left hand side of where it mounts on the machine with a screwdriver to allow the whole valve assembly to slide to the left, which releases it from the machine.)

      After replacing the part I followed the same process as above to reset the machine (This time the reset now showed P:01 at the end which appears to be the 'no faults' code. I think the machine allows you to clear a fault if it runs a complete cycle without the fault occuring)

      I have now done 4 washes since replacing these parts and each time the machine has worked normally with no beeps, no strange fill levels, and no tap symbols. So I'm crossing my fingers that it may have sorted it.

      On reflection if I was repairing the machine again with the same fault. I would do step 2 first as I think this was the main fault. I'm not entirely convinced that I needed to do step1, but if you do step 2 and still have problems, I would do step 1 next.

      Hope this helps.
      Steve: If you need any more assistance feel free to PM me.

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        Hi Mark,

        Thank you for sharing this information - this is extremely helpful. I have ordered both the parts as we need to get the machine up/running asap and because your approach makes much sense. I hadn't realised the inlet valve included a flow sensor. I also managed to find a minimalistic explanation of the Fault codes E28/E29 applicable to this machine;
        E28 and E29 Error codes applicable to WAT28460GB/10

        1. Error E28 / F28: flow sensor faulty

        The fault connected with “Error code E28 / F28: flow sensor faulty" (can’t be rectified by itself). Please contact our customer service and arrange a service appointment. You can reach us on the service number: <CustSerPhoneNo>. Or use our online appointment booking service.

        Error code / error display / signal Issue: E29

        (i). Check tap

        Cause; Water pressure too low. Resolution; Check the water pressure directly on the tap using a bucket. Approximately 10 litres of water per minute must flow out of the fully open tap. Contact your fitter if the water pressure is too low.

        (ii). Clean inlet filters Cause; Filters in the water connection of the supply or AquaStop hose blocked.

        Resolution; Clean filters in the water supply hose. Attention: AquaStop safety device contains an electric valve, do not immerse in water. Instructions: 1. Turn the tap off. 2. Take the hose off the tap. 3. Clean the filters using a small brush. 4. In the case of appliances without an AquaStop, also remove the hose from the back of the appliance. Take out the filter with pliers and clean it. 5. Reconnect the hose and check it for leaks.

        This may be useful for other forum members especially E28, this fits in with your experience totally.

        I will provide a further update once I have replaced the part/s and reset the machine etc.

        Many thanks again



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          Hi Mark,

          For speed, I ordered both the Inlet valve/flow sensor Assy and the Pressure sensor at the same time and the parts arrived last Saturday. Prior to fitting the pressure sensor I checked the pipe from the water bottle at the bottom of the drum by blowing down it - the pipe was perfectly clear. After reassembly I ran the 'Rinse program' which completed satisfactorily and crucially with no 'Tap' warning symbol on the display at any time.

          I then repeated the Rinse program and it again worked perfectly. In both cases the water level was about 50mm above the bottom of the drum (no where near the previous half full...….level seen on several occasions) and so was stable and normal. I then ran through the reset procedure though given there were no error messages (E28, E29 as in your case) on our display at any time - even prior to replacing the inlet valve (apart for the Tap symbol, which would come and go) then I suspect this was possibly academic in my case.

          Since then we have used the washer in earnest on 3 occasions and all is well to date. This leads me to conclude (like you) that the source of the problem was the inlet valve assembly (Valve magnet- as Bosch call it) and specifically the flow sensor part sending faulty information to the micro computer within the washer.

          Out of interest I took a closer look at the flow sensor within the defective valve; the rotating paddle (containing the magnet) appeared to turn freely with no sign of friction and this leads me to suspect the issue could be a result of a defective reed relay switch (on the small PCB) or weak magnet though I have not carried out any testing to be able to prove this.

          Given our two identical machines suffered the same fault and after a similar period of time I agree with you that there could well have been a batch problem with some of the valves (used by Bosch) which if so would suggest other people could experience this problem.

          Thank you for all your help - it pointed me in the right direction and gave me the confidence to purchase the parts and fix the washer promptly.



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