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Bosch Serie 6 Washing MC (WAT28460GB/10) Fill problems and error E28 / E29




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  • Bosch Serie 6 Washing MC (WAT28460GB/10) Fill problems and error E28 / E29

    I have the above machine and it's about 3 years old.

    Over the last few weeks we've started to have problems with it after we did a cleaning cycle and it overfilled with foam and the foam started to come out of the detergent tray! Oops. (Although this may be a coincidence)

    For a while the tap symbol was coming on intermittently (not every wash), indicating low mains water pressure, but the water pressure is fine, and I checked the inlet filter which was clear. The machine fills quickly despite the tap symbol.

    Then the machine started randomly filling to different levels. Sometimes as much as half full. I checked the pipe to the water level pressure sensor which was clean and clear, and then reset the sensor using the dial and button combination after manually adding water and then letting it pump it back out. I thought this had fixed it as it did a few wash cycles with no errors.

    Then yesterday during a wash it beeped warning beeps when it was filling for the rinse. The tap symbol didn't come on, but when I tried to clear the error codes again there was an E28 error and and E29 error showing that wouldn't clear. I have no idea what these errors mean as they don't show in the manual.

    I suspected that the inlet flow sensor attached to the inlet solenoid ( was faulty causing the tap symbol to come on intermittently. Or possibly the water level pressure sensor ( causing the random fill levels. But I'm guessing really.

    1) If anyone has a good idea of what might be causing these problems, I'd be grateful for their advice.
    2) If anyone knows what the E28 and E29 error codes mean on this machine (or where I can find out), I think that would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

    Many thanks in advance for your help.