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Zanussi washer dryer ZWT71201WA no/go



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  • Zanussi washer dryer ZWT71201WA no/go

    Hi. Product number 914606038/01. Fault has nothing to do with trip going off. Briefly the issue was/perhaps still is no go with no digital display ( actually if I look at the display it is very very faintly on ), lights = dead as a door nail. 2 things: the suppressor was dangling in fresh air but looked undamaged and I had continuity from L mains socket plug to pcb plug, N socket plug to pcb plug so suppressor ok. Replaced suppressor anyway ( `cause the anchoring thread had snapped off ) AND also a brand new fascia pcb part number 973914606038011 and turned machine on, yipee! we are in business again.........Problem reoccured 2 hours later, curses!! = dead again. Whereas before you could turn the programme selector all day and get nowhere this time I moved the dial to a programme then to off, opened the door and then closed the door, set the same programme, hit start, door locked and it worked. Have a feeling might be back to square one soon. The programme selector dial feels ok. Any ideas what is going on please? Anything common such as a rubbish moulded plug failing. Iffy new pcb perhaps? Does a faulty door lock stop the display from coming on.....I doubt it? Could it be excessive voltage though cannot see why `cause everything else in the kitchen works. Mystifying.

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    Sussed the bug*er out over the weekend! The dryer element near to earth was the cause of the problem playing up the pcb. I really should have realized that and I`ve come to the conclusion that I am getting to old for this game; I feel a silly sausage! Plus as a secondary problem the selector dial itself could have had less play in it ( though that is all by-the-way ).


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