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Hotpoint WMFG8337. Water leak on inlet tank to drum hose.



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  • Hotpoint WMFG8337. Water leak on inlet tank to drum hose.

    This machine has developed a leak on the black rubber hose that fits between the inlet tank and the drum itself. There is a small leak, I think where the hose is fitted to the drum. I can't actually see the connection, but by feel I think that this is where the leak starts. Does the front of the machine have to be removed to get to this? The problem for me would be removing the two rings that secure the door seal to the front and the outer drum!

    The part number is J00189072 on Hotpoint's spares site. Reference 24 on the drawing.

    Thanks for reading and any advice offered. SJM.

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    Not sure about the front panel being fixed or removable but if the front panel does come off you would only need to remove the outer lip of the door seal, no need to remove it from the drum. If the front panel will remove it will be shown as a separate part on the diagram.
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      Thanks for the reply, I've had a look with my neighbour, the front part of the door seal is held on with a ring that fastens on the lower part of the 'porthole'.
      I think we should be able to remove it and change the hose. So no need to remove the seal completely, just as you have advised.

      Many thanks for the help. Regards, SJM.


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