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Siemens washer dryer - replacement motor



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  • Siemens washer dryer - replacement motor

    Hi All,

    I have a Siemens washer dryer model number:wd14h320gb/02. Not sure how old it is but i'd say at least 4 years.
    I noticed a faint burning/electrical smell coming from it - having taken it apart there is smoke coming from the motor when under load, particularly on a 1400 spin with a full load. The motor feels really hot.
    I stripped the motor down but couldn't see anything obvious wrong with it - brushes had plenty of life & the windings measured 1.9ohms or so (possibly low - not sure)

    I don't really have any experience repairing appliances - Is it likely it is just worn out & needs replacing? It still seems to work fine, it just smokes. and its not a lot of smoke, but enough to give a really bad smell in the room.

    The markings on the motor are as follows:
    Model no: 129.60260 J1 (embossed in aluminium tab at top)
    Additional number: 9000804594 (in black text on front)
    From my limited research it is shared with the Bosch WVH28420GB, and probably others.

    Anyone have any ideas where I could source a replacement one from - are there appliance reclamation places out there?

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    well looked up motor for this machine

    part no 145495 Siemens retail price 213.50



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      Thanks Dave. Is that the Siemens part number? Any idea if its shared with any other model or where I might find a good 2nd hand one? It's quite a lot to spend on a not-new machine.


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        that's the Siemens part no and Ebay is the only other source of parts I know

        yes parts are used by Bosch Siemans and gaggenau but as far as I know part no are the same

        you can check parts here https://www.siemens-home.bsh-group.c...t/search-parts



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