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Bosch sealed tank models bearing failure



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  • Bosch sealed tank models bearing failure

    Bosch sealed tank failure and why they fail prematurely. Having eventually got around to cutting open a 3RD plastic sealed tank to find out why the bearings failed at a mere 2.5 years old on a WAW32560GB/09 Bosch sealed tank model it all boils down to no oil seal bearing grease. Due to the oil seal lip and the spider hub ring with no grease the friction between the two causes the oil seal lip to simply wear out prematurely = H2O ingress = nuked bearing = 260 odd replacement tank being required = many tears!
    Very simple explanation, not much more to say on the subject other than do what a customer does best: bitch, grumble, and moan, to your retailer and to Bosch if it happens to you.
    PLUS a pal of mine had, until June 2019, Zanussi sealed tank machine. Single bloke, used twice a week, bearings nuked at just less than 3 years old. To be fair I couldn`t get my paws on his machine ( since he told me after the event said machine in scrap yard heaven now....or should that be hell(?) but it is odds on his machine suffered from the same problem as the Bosch so described above.
    All very poor all this state of affaires!
    Based on this you`d be better off buying a Curry`s Logik because they do not have sealed tanks and are a doddle to sort out which is just as well because the several I have been to with bearing failure do not have any grease on the oil seal too! At least if it does happen you have a fighting chance to put the machine right at minimal cost.
    I suspect other brands are all suffering premature bearing failure all due to the same cause.

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