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Fisher + Paykel Automatic Washing Machines - Diagnostics



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  • Fisher + Paykel Automatic Washing Machines - Diagnostics

    Right, I'm fed up with typing this out four or five times each week, so here's how you do it:

    Phase 1 + 2 machines
    Models: GW500, 600, 700. MW050, 060, 650, 070. GW501, 601, 701. MW 051, 061, 071, LW015.

    Hold "Wash Temp Down", then press "Power". Wait for the two short "beeps", then press "Advance" once only. Toggle the "Spin" buttons until "Hold" and "Slow Spin" lamps are lit.

    If there is a fault, it will now be displayed on the wash lamps across the top of the control panel.

    Phase 3, 4, 5, 6 +7 machines
    Models: GW503, 603, 703. MW053. LW035. GW508, 608, 708. MW058. LW085. GW509, 609, 709. MW059. LW095. AW095. GW511, 611, 711. MW511. GW512, 612, 712. MW512.

    Proceed as per phase 1 + 2 machines, after the two beeps, do not press "Advance" - proceed to the "Spin" buttons.

    To read any code displayed, start at the right and note which lamps are lit. It's a binary code; ie : 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128. Add up the ones which are lit to give the last fault code.

    Note: There are several models where the lamp representing 128 does not have an opening in the control panel. However, it is fitted and can be seen through the control panel if you look closely.

    IW Models

    Press and hold "Specials/Life Cycles" button, then press "Power". Wait for two "beeps" and release the buttons. Press "Specials/Life Cycles" again to bring up the status display. Using the buttons to the right of the display screen, you can change the display to show warning, status and last fault.

    Please post up your codes and a brief description of what's been happening and we'll try to help.


    With thanks to Bigsmokepiker for proofreading and corrections.
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