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Replacement of Simpson SWT554



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  • Replacement of Simpson SWT554

    Our Simpson SWT554 won't turn on any more after 7 years of service.

    I've checked the drain pump and nothing seems to be blocking it.

    I'm thinking the PCB has gone, which according to reading reviews (like replacing the PCB will only cause more problems, so I'm in the market for a new washing machine and having conducted a few days of research (including Choice Magazine Reviews &, I''m fairly shocked to see that almost everything in the sub$1000 price point seems to be terrible and possibly worse than the Simpson that isn't working.

    I was originally fairly happy about Fisher & Paykel (as a friend brought a front loader 2 months ago, but their have a tremendous amount of difficulty in cleaning the filter), and the F&P Top Loaders with their lack of filters seems like it's a design flaw that will cause the machine to break due to a build up in lint or it will block the drain, therefore requiring a plumber to fix.

    I then thought the way to go was with Bosch (Chinese, Indian or German built), but they are using plastic drums & given what I have read on UK Whitegoods, the actual manufacturer & therefore quality is unknown.

    Is there a washing machine in the market that isn't going to give my family grief when we are washing clothes for our family?

    My Mrs tells me she used the Simpson almost daily with 1 load per day (almost exclusively cold wash).

    Why shortlisted washing machines are:
    Esatto EFLW6
    Euromaid WMFL8
    Euromaid WM7PRO
    Euromaid EBFW700
    Beko WMY7046LB2
    Fisher & Paykel WH7560P2
    Fisher & Paykel WH7560J3
    Beko WMY8046LB2
    Bosch WAK24162AU
    Fisher & Paykel WA7060G2
    Bosch WAN22120AU
    Euromaid EBFW800
    Fisher & Paykel WA7560E1
    Bosch WAT24261AU
    Bosch WAW28460AU

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    we are in the uk so models are different so cant comment much on the list above

    never seen a Simpson machine so no nothing of the faults they have

    you mentioned plastic tub as being a problem. Plastic tubs on their own are not a problem. some of the early whirlpool and hotpoint plastic tubs were very hard wearing and with the added advantage of not being able to rust made them ideal for the job. These days metal tubs would use stainless steel but years ago it was vitreous enamelled steel.
    from the list of machines the only one I can comment on is the Bosch. most Bosch machines use a plastic outer tub but the fully sealed tubs seem to be less reliable. the only machine that may not have a fully sealed tub from the above list is WAN22120AU. Cant be 100% certain because the drawings for this model in the uk are not complete but the uk models with a similar model do not have sealed tubs



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