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Bosch Series 8 Intermittent Timer Problems

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  • Bosch Series 8 Intermittent Timer Problems

    We have a Bosch HBG6767S1A/01 Pyrolitic Oven that has had a few spurious problems over the last 8 months but no error codes have displayed.
    Hot Air Grilling 155degC (no cooking time set)....only cooked for 5 mins then End Chime and completely reset/turned off.
    Timer only was set for 3.5hrs but completely reset before end time with no chime, this has happened twice in the last week but I tested it today and no problem.
    I am wondering are there any fault codes that are maybe not at a high enough status to give an error code, how do I access service menu to check?
    Is there a service self test program I can run?
    Interestingly we have had a few power blackouts this year and everything has powered back up OK afterwards but I am reluctant to do a power refresh cycle in case it clears any stored codes.
    The oven is still under warranty but I will be charged a callout fee if NFF.


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    Re: Bosch Series 8 Intermittent Timer Problems

    first thing to check is electric supply

    loose connections will arc under load causing problems with electronics. check all connections are tight and clean



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      Re: Bosch Series 8 Intermittent Timer Problems

      Hi Dave,
      I wouldn't have thought a timer is really putting the oven under load but I will check.
      It is supplied via a 32A cct breaker (240V in Oz) and I recall supplied cord plugs into back of the oven.
      The oven works perfectly for all types of cooking since we bought it 14 months ago,
      other than about 7 months ago Hot Air Grilling turned off and the Timer failed twice in the last week. I tested it twice today and it was OK.
      If there is a self test program I really would like to run it. :wink: :wink: :wink:

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        Re: Bosch Series 8 Intermittent Timer Problems

        I was assuming the oven died while being used but are you saying it just does it day and night without anything else being on ?



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          Re: Bosch Series 8 Intermittent Timer Problems

          If the oven loses power whilst being used you would have to input the time and date again (consistent with a loose connection, dry joint or supply failure)....this has not happened.
          The program just goes back to its dormant state without an end chime.
          I have searched Google and cannot find any info on a self test program so today I'll investigate factory reset and do a power cycle then monitor and record any faults.
          Turns out I purchased a 5 year extended warranty and we are only 14 months into it.
          I have recorded the details with Bosch customer care and the extended warranty people but both will charge a callout fee if no fault found.



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            Re: Bosch Series 8 Intermittent Timer Problems

            if you have a smart phone or access to video recording you could film what happens to show them. sounds like the kind of fault that disappears as soon as an engineer calls round but if you have evidence you can prove a fault exists



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              Re: Bosch Series 8 Intermittent Timer Problems

              Well I got lucky with this fault.... called up the extended warranty people and they said it was to complex for a generic repairer to deal with so they sent out a Bosch engineer.
              He took one look at my documented faults and replaced the whole front control panel flashed it with the latest firmware and everything Mrs V cooks in it comes out perfectly.
              No faults for over 6 mths now.
              We also noticed this oven draws a lot of cooling air from under the front bottom lip so modified the kitchen cabinet so it is no longer partially blocking the intake vents. Whilst he did not think it was the cause of the faults I'm hopefull it will extend the overall life of the oven.



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                Bugga....seems I'm unlucky with this fault, it's reared it's ugly head again.
                Beginning to think this oven is a lemon .
                Once again the oven has just reset itself whilst cooking.
                Mrs V had Greek roast potatoes cooking at 160C Hot Air Grilling with just the timer counting up, went by the oven 5 mins later and the
                program had reset....the central round dial just showed the current time and a ring of red around it to show it's still hot yet we have used the oven
                since and it works perfectly.
                Back in Nov2018 the perfect bake failed to produce a cake using the same recipe that has been used before, interestingly the next day we noticed the oven displayed an incorrect time .
                Dec2018 the thermostatic probe in a chicken indicated it was cooked but juices streamed red blood(core temp 84C)....I've told Bosch this is a health risk.
                Xmas turkey was outsourced to my son as we just cannot rely on this oven anymore.
                The retailer is sending out on of their engineers to do an assessment as I have asked for a replacement under Australian Consumer Laws....I consider it not fit for purpose.
                I have tried 5 times to replicate the fault but cannot.
                The Bosch engineer checked out the 240V power OK, it has it's own 32Amp fuse, any power glitches and TV and computers reset.
                Today I checked the door switch but if that is dodgy it brings up an audible alarm and tells you to close the door.
                All the cooling fans are working OK.
                Not sure if it is a fault but the Childlock only locks the oven controls, not the oven door, yet door locks for Pyro clean.
                Am I unlucky??? or is this a familiar fault?

                cheersmerryxmashappynewyear ....Valvo