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Use of a timer on Samsung fridge/freezer



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  • Use of a timer on Samsung fridge/freezer

    In a parallel thread, I have talked about my defective freezer defrost circuit. When the thermal fuse blows, the defrost heaters (evaporator and tray) no longer work and both the fridge and freezer go into a permanent defrost state, with the front panel continuing to display the preset temperatures even though the interior rises to ambient. One (temporary?) solution is to fit a mains on/off timer to switch the whole unit on and off regularly throughout the day. I find that 3 hours on and 15 minutes off, works very well.
    What this does is to reset the control circuit every three hours, which is in line with the built-in defrost cycle.
    In principle, I presume that the most likely long-term result is that the drip tray outlet will freeze up and maybe the evaporator too. However, that was certainly not the case when I opened the evaporator compartment in an effort to carry out a repair.
    What I wanted to ask is - has anyone else tried using this timer solution long-term?
    Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Re: Use of a timer on Samsung fridge/freezer

    Normally these defrost timers switch on an element every 8 hours for a duration of approx 20-30 mins to defrost rapidly so your solution MAY work but a complete defrost/switch off may be required every 6 months ???
    That thermal fuse must be under rated ??


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