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Proper adhesive for replacing EuroKera (ceramic?) top



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  • Proper adhesive for replacing EuroKera (ceramic?) top

    I shattered my EuroKera (glass? or ceramic?) top. I have found a source for a suitable replacement, and hope to install it myself after ordering and receiving it. But what is a proper adhesive? Removing the shards of the old top revealed that a silver, rubbery, silicone-like adhesive had been used for the original installation. I assume whatever I use must meet some standards for heat resistance. Can anyone make any recommendations? Many thanks for any advice.

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    Re: Proper adhesive for replacing EuroKera (ceramic?) top

    Hi halfwatt

    the hob top should come complete with the side fixings and sealed already.please be aware tht this repair will require to have the disconnected from the mains.



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      Re: Proper adhesive for replacing EuroKera (ceramic?) top

      Hello Bryan,

      Thank you for such a fast reply, but I'm sorry to say I do not understand what you mean. I am guessing that you thought I was planning to replace the entire top assembly? My plan is to replace the ceramic / glass only, not the entire top, and I assume the replacement part I found online is the ceramic / glass only, not the entire top assembly:

      To return to my initial question: When I removed the broken shards of the old top, this revealed that a silver, rubber-like adhesive was used to fix the ceramic to the black frame underneath (it looks like silicone to me, but I am not certain). I would like to know what this silver adhesive is, or perhaps just what a suitable adhesive would be in this application.

      Finally, thank you also for thinking to warn me about disconnecting power. I disconnected power to the unit immediately after I broke the ceramic.


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        Re: Proper adhesive for replacing EuroKera (ceramic?) top

        Normally the glass will come bonded to the frame, much as in the same way that a car windscreen is bonded and the surround is not replaceable on its own.

        I'd be very surprised if the top came with no fixing brackets, in the case of a frameless hob, or a surround pre-bonded to the glass.

        Since this isn't a serviceable item the bonding cement or glue is not available, the closest thing being possibly Ambersil glue (from this link) but whether or not that is suitable for the purpose I cannot guarantee.

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          Re: Proper adhesive for replacing EuroKera (ceramic?) top

          Poster is in the US, so things may be done slightly differently there. No piccie on the link unfortunately.

          The high temperature silicone mentioned by kwatt is probably the best solution. Bear in mind that surfaces must be spotless, and weighted together for at least 24 hours to achieve a bond.

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            Thanks (Re: Proper adhesive for replacing EuroKera)

            Many thanks to all of you for your replies. I ordered the part - if it arrives without the framing attached, I will try the Ambersil adhesive.


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