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Help finding Statesman filter or washer?



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  • Help finding Statesman filter or washer?

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help or point me in the right direction.

    I am looking to find a filter which will fit into the bottom of my Statesman MXW 10352 Washing Machine.

    I currently have a small leak coming from this area and I suspect it may be the rubber washer which goes around the filter as it has 2 small chunks missing from the outer part of the ring.

    I have tried everywhere to find a rubber washer with a diameter of 50mm and inner of 30mm but cannot do so.

    I contacted Statesman and they can only sell me the full motor which comes with the filter and washer for 70, which is too expensive for a small rubber ring which prob cost 2 at most.
    They then advised me to check the UK Whitegoods website and I have found 2 filters under the Statesmam and 1 looks very similar which is the SKU: 42065252 one. I am unsure if this will fit and if not does anyone know if the rubber seal from it could come off and go around my current filter.

    Thanks again for any help.

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    have you tried emailing site shop and asking ?

    have you tried giving the seal a thorough clean plus clean the filter housing where the seal contacts. have had quite a few where a good clean cures it



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      That model isn't showing up anywhere so, probably one of their Chinese ones and probably it is a full pump only that being the case.

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