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    I have been fully retired now since April 2018 so not had hands on experience for a while. I can send you the service manual if you think it will be of any help.

  • SabreWulf
    Further to my last message, I found a shorter service manual for the Asko WM25 series. It lists the thermistor resistance range as "6.1 - 3.8 k Ohm (at room temperature 20-30 C)". My thermistor is outside of that range by an amount, rather than being wildly outside, and it being out by a bit would back up my thinking that it's aborting for higher temperature at the lower temperature ranges.

  • SabreWulf
    Hello, thanks for the message.

    I have a service manual, sent by your good self last week. My concern at the time was vibration on the spin. I'm fairly sure that replacement shock absorbers would remedy that and that it's not the bearing.

    The most recent fault has been driving me mad but I think that I've solved it. I think that it's a thermistor fault that's telling the washing machine that it's much hotter than it is. The service manual states that the thermistor resistance should be 40 - 60 k Ohms and I'm measuring in the order of 7-8 k Ohms at room temperature. The machine is aborting washes at various points and draining to a stop.

    When I select 30 C as the temperature, it aborts mid wash - sometimes quite quickly. When I select 95 C, I get prolonged heating and it may top out at 85 C. If the wash continues at 30 or 40 then it simply skips the heating cycle: the LEDs jump through the heating segment. If I select 'cold' then it progresses all the way through.

    Am I correct in my diagnosis or is it another intermittent fault that I haven't pick up on. Have you seen thermistor faults that cause this?

    Many thanks for your help and interest.
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