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  Domestic Appliance Help Menu

Within this huge section of the site you can find loads of articles, guides and tutorials to help you with buying new domestic kitchen appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, fridges and more along with how to repair applainces when they break down and also how to maintain your appliances.

Using these guides can save you lots of money on appliances, help you make the right choice when buying a new one, save money on repairs or getting a technician to repair it for you and making your appliances last and perform as well as possible.

  Domestic Appliance Buying Help and Advice

This section of our site covers knowledge that you may need to buy appliances in general and a lot of it what you need to know before you buy a new appliance so you get the right appliance and, the right deal!

Information about appliance energy consumption, if features are worth the money, the environment, installation advice and loads more.


  Domestic Appliance Self Repair

Can you repair the fault yourself on your washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer, cooker or fridge freezer?

In this section we explain the top problems with domestic appliances, how they work and often how to go about diagnosing the fault and curing it as well as advice on how to avoid common appliance problems and maintain your appliances so they work better and last longer.

For any anything that you cannot find please use the forums to get help from appliance experts, for free!


  Appliance Fault Codes

Fault codes or error codes that help you diagnose faults and problems with appliances including washing machines, washer dryers, cookers, dishwashers and fridge freezers.

If you need to know what the flashing lights or weird code is on your appliance, chances are you'll find out here.


  Spare Part Help and Advice

Help and advice about common spare parts for most appliances as well as notes on how to buy spare parts and guidance on fitting the part as well as advice on how to avoid having the same spares fail again in many cases.

Washing machine spare parts, dishwasher spares, fridge freezer spares, cooker and oven spare parts and much more is available in our store.


  Appliance Care and Cleaning

We give you the most up to date care and cleaning instructions to help you look after your appliances and, make them last as long as possible. A little care and attention can save you a lot of money and a lot of hassle.

Follow our simple guides on how to look after your appliances to keep them safe and in tip top shape. 


  Stains, Marks & Damage Help

Advice, guidance and help on how to correctly use the appliances, solve stains, odours, residue and marking in dishwashers, washing machines and washer dryers as well as how to diagnose the problem that is causing it to happen. 

We explain all the common problems that people are likely to see using washing machines and dishwashers and, how to avoid them.


  Domestic Appliance Industry

Get the inside scoop on the industry and find out who makes what appliances, who owns which brands and what you actually own or are thinking on buying. Trust us, it's not a case of the name on the front is what you are actually getting or have as many are own label brands.

Also find out who services what, how, all about spare parts and much, much more.


Dawn Hack
Washing machine
I have a Bosch maxx washing manchine it starts to fill up with water but once it gets to the drum needing to go round it stops and you can hear a clicking on and off sound. Iv tried all different cycles and does the same thing .I have Cleaned all the filter there is nothing trapped inside and tightened the door

Kind regards

Oven query
Hi my Lamona build it oven is getting very very hot on the outside silver panel when I put the front hob on, I only put it on 1 and I nearly burnt my leg half hour later when cleaning. Now 1 hour on its still boiling hot. Any ideas? im worried my toddler will burn her hand. The oben is about 10 years + old
Marie Wilkins
I have a Bosch WFK2801 which is overfilling. I usually use the low water fill, never the higher water level. Have you any idea why this should suddenly happen please?
Fridge freezers
I bought my fridge freezer two years ago and it kept freezing up. I bought another, same model, as it fit good in my kitchen. This now freezes up?? Is there a problem with this model

washing machine
hi can you tell me what EON on my display means please
roy toombs
lamona 3208 oven door
SKU 42809244 i see it comes with both inner & outer glass - does it come with hinges attached making it a simple direct replacement & do you have one in stock?
Hi Ray,

No, sorry that looks like a typo and it's the outer glass only according to the info, item 178.

It is also a nil stock item currently right across the EU as far as I can see.

AEG lavamat washing machine fault
Hi have a fault on my AEG lavamat washing machine , model L73283FL
You turn it on select any program for example spin/drain the clock will show 20 mins then when you press Start it immediately jumps to 2 then 1 then 0 and then beeps at you. Sometimes in this mode it will try and pump out some water then does the mystery countdown and beep. Does the on all modes anybody come across this or any suggestions appreciated, thanks Rich

electric hob replacement
I have a Scholtes \"Halogene\" electric ceramic hob which I bought many years ago but is now badly cracked. Scholtes hobs no longer appear to be available. The external surface measurements of the hob (including rim) are between 76 & 77 cm width and between 50 & 51 cm depth. Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement currently available for purchase?
Caple c2216
My caple oven is 3years old and today it died completely we changed the fuse but still nothing, checked the mains rcd and still nothing can anyone help!!!

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