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  Domestic Appliance Help Menu

Within this huge section of the site you can find loads of articles, guides and tutorials to help you with buying new domestic kitchen appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, fridges and more along with how to repair applainces when they break down and also how to maintain your appliances.

Using these guides can save you lots of money on appliances, help you make the right choice when buying a new one, save money on repairs or getting a technician to repair it for you and making your appliances last and perform as well as possible.

  Domestic Appliance Buying Help and Advice

This section of our site covers knowledge that you may need to buy appliances in general and a lot of it what you need to know before you buy a new appliance so you get the right appliance and, the right deal!

Information about appliance energy consumption, if features are worth the money, the environment, installation advice and loads more.


  Domestic Appliance Self Repair

Can you repair the fault yourself on your washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer, cooker or fridge freezer?

In this section we explain the top problems with domestic appliances, how they work and often how to go about diagnosing the fault and curing it as well as advice on how to avoid common appliance problems and maintain your appliances so they work better and last longer.

For any anything that you cannot find please use the forums to get help from appliance experts, for free!


  Appliance Fault Codes

Fault codes or error codes that help you diagnose faults and problems with appliances including washing machines, washer dryers, cookers, dishwashers and fridge freezers.

If you need to know what the flashing lights or weird code is on your appliance, chances are you'll find out here.


  Spare Part Help and Advice

Help and advice about common spare parts for most appliances as well as notes on how to buy spare parts and guidance on fitting the part as well as advice on how to avoid having the same spares fail again in many cases.

Washing machine spare parts, dishwasher spares, fridge freezer spares, cooker and oven spare parts and much more is available in our store.


  Appliance Care and Cleaning

We give you the most up to date care and cleaning instructions to help you look after your appliances and, make them last as long as possible. A little care and attention can save you a lot of money and a lot of hassle.

Follow our simple guides on how to look after your appliances to keep them safe and in tip top shape. 


  Stains, Marks & Damage Help

Advice, guidance and help on how to correctly use the appliances, solve stains, odours, residue and marking in dishwashers, washing machines and washer dryers as well as how to diagnose the problem that is causing it to happen. 

We explain all the common problems that people are likely to see using washing machines and dishwashers and, how to avoid them.


  Domestic Appliance Industry

Get the inside scoop on the industry and find out who makes what appliances, who owns which brands and what you actually own or are thinking on buying. Trust us, it's not a case of the name on the front is what you are actually getting or have as many are own label brands.

Also find out who services what, how, all about spare parts and much, much more.


Ian Giles
Delivery of salad tray (Part 00449602)
Dear Sir/Madam
On or around 11th to 13th October, I ordered Part no. 00449602 (Bosch Salad Tray). Unfortunately I can’t find the confirmation email. On the 14th October the sum of £33.95 was taken from my bank account in the name of UKWhitegoods ( Kilmarnock). I think delivery is usually 2-7 days but I have yet to receive the item ordered.
Please could you look into the matter and find out what has happened to my order.
Kind regards

Debbie Fridlington
Simfer cooker
I had a simfer 60cm ceramic cooker delivered on the 15th Jan 2019 from the Let's Talk Energy Fund all the white trim going round the ceramic hob is all comin off a bubbling off I clean it with gentle cleaning products so I don't know why it's doing it hope to hear from u thanks x
Teresa Crowley
We have a Viceroy dishwasher but over this past year often the cups come out still stained although everything else is fine. We have cleaned all the arms and filters but it makes no difference. Can you help please?
Kal. Panchev
Door seal for Statesman XT5-1020W
Hello there. I have Statesman XT5-1020W washing machine and my door seal is gone. Do you think if a seal from a 1030W will fit on mine, because that is the only one that I could have found in you website? Thanks in advance
Paul Brooks
pairing hob and cooker hood
where in the instruction books does it tell you how to "pair the cooker hood model CL60CGRF and the induction hob model CLIND60RF"? I can use the cooker hood independently but cannot get it to work with the hob as there are no instructions for pairing by radio frequency.
Connecting hob & extractor
Did you find a way to connect the hob and extractor?
Angela grimashaw
no breadmaker manuel
Please can you send me a manule so i can use my breadmaker as its come without one its a cookwork cbm700 that i need please thank you
Margaret Rogers
bread machine
please can you send me a manuale for my bread maker model EHS15AP-P
Error code E 13
I purchased a candy washing machine a couple of year's ago model num GV1610THW3W-80 from Argos and it had been in storage in my spare room as we have rented a house with a washer in it. We did give the washer away and it has hardly been used... it has come up with the Error code E 13...please would you beable to advise me please as to where do i go from here.

Regards Shirley Brady.

Nigel Fisher
UBGCLED90 SS Curved Glass LED Hood
I purchased and had the hood installed before Christmas and the extraction stopped working. I checked the manual and checked for blockages but nothing evident. I need a qualified service personnel to repair the fault. I have tried contacting you by telephone on numerous occasions but every occasion the line after being transferred to the department go's dead? I have also wrote on this website before with no response. What must I do to get a response from you?

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