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Reviews, great and also the bane of our lives in equal measure as they will generally fall into two simplistic camps:

  • The people that asked and got help
    The people that didn't or messed it up with an incorrect diagnosis, didn't check stuff, ordered the wrong part

The former, no problems and generally speaking these will be positive five-star reviews.

The latter, almost everything else.

We get that people will often be cross when things go wrong, we don't like it either and it's a proper pain to have to sort out errors and, all the more so when it's nothing to do with us or our service but it is somewhat annoying when we see one star reviews and so on when it truly is, not our fault. If you read through even a selection of them and, often the responses from ourselves, you'll quickly see that virtually none hold any water or have any justification.

What a number of people seem to think is that they will get a concierge-type service with bells and whistles on for a spare part and sadly, that's just not the case.

On balance, however, as is the case with service in general, the vast bulk of comments we receive are positive and we really appreciate that and are grateful to our customers for taking the time to make those comments.

Where we mess it up, we fix it, not a problem.

Weaponised Reviews

Often what we get is someone who tries to effectively blackmail the business into doing their bidding with the threat of "I'll leave a bad review if you don't...", whatever!

If it were normal goods and normal sales then this may well work but, spare parts are not normal goods (they're not even consumer goods) and it's not a normal sales environment as we're not trying to sell you anything at all.

You either need a spare part or you do not. It is the correct part or it is not. There is no dubiety, no in-between. Or, there shouldn't be.

What does happen is we often see people order up stuff thinking it'll solve a problem and it doesn't, they order the wrong part without advice (then blame us for their error) or they break something in the process of attempting a repair and expect we'll wave our magic wand and sort it all out free of charge.

The above will cover the vast bulk if not all the negative reviews we get.

People that do this think they are doing us a disservice, extracting some form of revenge and penalising us for simply not doing as they command but, that's not really the case.

It actually helps as it warns others and honestly, customers that are not prepared to listen or take the advice given with the best possible intentions are people who we don't really want as customers and, could potentially be a danger to themselves and others as they will often have little clue what they are doing.

Appliances can be dangerous, repairing them incorrectly, fitting wrong parts and so on can be very, very dangerous and why parts are not consumer goods so, normal rules do not apply.

This is why we urge great care when looking for parts and please, please don't guess.

Review Scores

We rarely see someone come along and say something about the poor reviews, ignoring the fact that the vast bulk is more than positive, but our score is always 80% or higher (usually a lot higher) in reviews on average overall.

For the appliance service industry, that's good.

You also have to bear in mind that people with a busted appliance are hacked off before they even come across us as, a machine it broken they didn't want or expect to break and it is causing sometimes significant inconvenience to them, they generally don't like using it and really, really don't want to spend any money on it then there's the waiting time for a part out service till it works again. People are well annoyed before any of the repair stuff goes wrong so appliance service gets a bad rap out the gate due to these factors.

You see we can't please all the people all the time and often as not the reason for a poor review isn't anything to do with us at all, as explained.

Frankly, it's just that some people seem to think that we are liable for their error and that we should be the ones to sort it and pay to do so and, that's unreasonable. But, it doesn't stop them trying to punish us by leaving poor feedback.

It's vindictive, we know but such is life.

All we can do is highlight why it happens, there's little we can actually do about all this.


One of the biggest barriers to people successfully repairing a busted appliance is the knowledge to do so.

Being able to test components and get to the root of the problem and the logical diagnostic skills to do so.

All too often we see forum posts and get emails with "My machine has error code XXX, what part do I need" or "My machine does.... what parts to replace?". We cannot answer that sort of question and often as not nobody can as you need to figure out what's broken and why it broke because, if you replace a broken part and the cause was something else, the new one will just break as well.

Sadly the reality and, there's not any way to sugar coat this is that on a good many occasions people do not have the knowledge to diagnose and repair, read some half baked article online that says a particular component will be the problem with the machine and they then proceed to order it up, swap it only to find that wasn't the problem.

Our advice is and always has been when you're self-repairing appliances, take your time, do your research by reading up on things and ask people. The spares help-desk or the forums are your first ports of call for that.

If you don't do that please, don't blame us or any other parts supplier if it all goes horribly wrong for you as it's really not their fault.

If you don't want to take on the responsibilities for repairing the machine, don't do it, call in a pro-repairer and then it's not your problem to deal with any issues, it is then theirs.

Here To Help

We're here to help you but, we cannot 100% diagnose problems for you, we can give you a steer and we will advise if we don't think it's a DIY job to do something but full, accurate diagnostics can only be done by someone familiar onsite, sorry but there's just no other way.

We will do our level best to try to save you money in that way, advise not to replace a part if the machine is more or less obsolete or parts are. We will advise on any known alternative parts. We will often tell you other things may also be the issue.

But, if you don't ask, we can't tell you.

And if you don't ask, it's all at your own risk.

If you choose to ignore our advice or instruction there really is not much we can do about it and we will unsurprisingly get a poor review because of that but, that's not a true reflection of what we do. Nor are a few poor reviews often indicative of the genuine service that is offered.

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