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  Timed Appointments

When you pick up the phone to book a call, especially to a work contact number you invaribly just know it's going to be a hassle to book the call.

Of course this is not always the case, but generally it is sadly. You see, people that work generally cannot have an all-day access call, there is simply no-one available to sit about and wait on an engineer arriving at the house and this can lead to a bit of conflict on the phone.

People don't seem to realise that we are simply not able to time beyond, at best, a first call (which they may well have to wait some time for) and an AM or PM call. There are many reasons for this and we will try to explain why here.


For starters the engineer is totally unaware of how long each job will take, he simply doesn't know how long he will be at Mrs Jone's washing machine or dishwasher before he reaches the next customer. He doesn't know what the traffic will be like when he sets off in the morning and also how the weather will affect his run is some cases.

There are so many variables that are simply beyond our control to predict when the engineer will arrive.

Consider it akin to calling an emergency doctor or the parcel delivery man, yes they will get to you but you just have to accept that someone has to be there to accomodate the visit.

What we generally try to do is offer some form of compromise as reasonably as possible of course sometimes this is not possible, but it is desireable from our point of view as well as the customer's. There is always the exceptions to the rule though but if you do make unreasonable demands of a service company, particularly for warranty repairs, bear in mind that they are not paid enough to offer weekend or out-of-hours service and they are only doing the job as best they can to get your appliance repaired, being hostile will not get you anywhere.

We are fond of a saying, "any service you want, you can have...if you want to pay for it!"

How true that is and how often I have repeated it to manufacturers and insurers. Sadly even a chargeable call at £60 labour does not cover the costs of paying an engineer to work overtime and since contract rates are, often, well below that it is simply impractical to offer such a service. We have to have engineers booked in advance and with a day's worth of work just to make ends meet, offereign service beyond that is purely at the behest of the service company and what they can offer.

Often you will find that the "man & van" operations are far more flexible with their working hours, but for those of us that employ staff we have to work within a frameork that the staff will accept. After all, if you're simply collecting your wages at the end of the month and are asked to work extra hours you should expect to be re-imbursed for that effort should you not? Well, repair technicians do too.


There are rafts of new technologies that have, over the years, eased or improved this with many repairers calling ahead, texting and so forth.

However please keep in mind that this is not a rich industry by any stretch and that the facilities may be limited and not what you might get from the large national or multi-national company that supplied or sold you a product.

Service is the poor part.

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