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Zanussi is a leading brand for domestic kitchen appliances in Europe. Exported from Italy since 1946, Zanussi is widely recognized for its innovative products and distinctive modern design.

The History Of Zanussi

The Zanussi Company began as the small workshop of Antonio Zanussi in 1916. The enterprising 26-year-old son of a blacksmith in Pordenone in Northeastern Italy began the business by making home stoves and wood-burning ovens.

The famous Zanussi planet logoIn the early 1970's Zanussi sold in the UK (and for some time after) under the "Zoppas" brand name which had been acquired as well as Zanussi making it the second largest Italian appliance maker. They also produced washing machines for Hotpoint at this time which were very reliable and highly rated by users and engineers.

In the late 1970's and into the early 1980's the company had a range of washing machines which used an induction motor with a clutch pulley system. Again this range proved extremely popular and very reliable.

During this period Zanussi Professional, the catering range of appliances for commercial use, became a separate division in its own right.

In the early 1980's Zanussi launched the Jetsystem washing machine range to great acclaim whilst at the same time running the "Appliance Of Science" advertising campaign (logo from that period used) which is acknowledged as one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time, in fact still remembered by many today. This gave the brand the impression of being forward thinking and innovative.

In 1984 Zanussi was bought by Electrolux and has recently been re-branded as Zanussi-Electrolux in line with many other Electrolux brand names. Since that time many Zanussi appliances share common components and parts with the rest of the Electrolux range, primarily Electrolux, Tricity Bendix and AEG although it is worth noting that the "John Lewis" branded machines sold by the John Lewis Partnership in the UK are effectively re-branded Zanussi appliances.

In the late 1980's Zanussi launched the split tank design known as the "Nexus Tub" design which endures till this day with little changed. The tub, base and certain other parts are made from a plastic material known as "Carboran"which can be re-used several times if recycled. To this day neither Zanussi or Electrolux has provided any way to return this material for recycling purposes.

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  Zanussi Market Position

Zanussi was started in the UK being very competitively priced with prices rising in line with the appliances rising as the marketing took hold and the popularity grew. Generally the Zanussi brand is regarded by most as a "mid-market" brand on a par with Hotpoint, Hoover and Bosch in the UK.

However in recent year there has been a noticeable increase in lower priced products bearing the Zanussi name and it now seems to be being used as more of a budget brand for Electrolux in the UK despite sharing components with many more expensive brands from the same stable such as AEG or even some John Lewis models that Electrolux produce for the retailer. So if you were thinking on an AEG model etc. then you can save by buying one of the lesser brands such as Zanussi for, in many cases, what is pretty much the same thing.

Zanussi never really cracked the built in or integrated market with the mainstay of its products being washing machines, washer dryers, tumble dryers and dishwashers although there is a substantial range of cookers, ovens, hobs and hoods available from the brand as well. There is nothing wrong with the other products, it just would seem that the company was only ever famous for the freestanding range.
A typical Zanussi washing machine

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  Zanussi Spare Parts

Zanussi spare parts can be prohibitively expensive, especially electronic components and larger electrical ones, such as washing machine motors. There are a good deal of spares usually available at special prices though and these generally tend to be the more common spares. There is also, due to crossovers with other Electrolux owned brands, a wide range of "pattern" or compatible spares available at far lower prices that from Zanussi themselves.

UK Whitegoods carries many genuine and pattern spares for Zanussi appliances and has access to any available spare parts although the common ones you wil find in the links to the following sections:

In order to get the correct spare part for your Zanussi appliance you will, in all cases require the model number of the machine at the very least but increasingly over the past few years you also will require the PNC number of the machine and also the serial number in some cases. The PNC number is a production code in essence that denotes the actual production run on which the appliance was produced.

This is very similar to the way in which a VIN number is used on cars and suchlike, if you don't have it then in some cases we may struggle to help you get the correct spare part.

It is very important to bear in mind that this number may be required and you can find it printed on the serial number plate of the appliance.

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  Zanussi Service And Repairs

For Zanussi this deserves a section all on its own since there's quite a tale to tell.

Up until the end of the 1980's Zanussi service was run from Slough and was a network of independent repairers who gave an unparalleled service level. It is generally acknowledged within the industry that this service network was the best that there has ever been in the UK.

Until Electrolux decided to change the ball game.

In the early 1990's Electrolux instigated amalgamating all its UK brands under one service entity which led to the demise of quite a few of the original Zanussi network ,thereby making a u-turn impossible. This entity was split, dependent on region, between the Zanussi service agents and the local Electrolux Service Centre. In general those in a high population density area where given to the Electrolux employed centres. Tricity Bendix, Electrolux and AEG as well as Zanussi were all to be serviced by the one network.

In time the error of this was seen by Electrolux who sold or gave away the regional service centres, generally to the existing management or to area managers to run as independent businesses as the poor service had adversely affected sales whilst service was under Electrolux's control.

This was rebranded and became Service Force which still exists today but is, once again, all operated by independent service companies who repair and supply spare parts for all the brands.

The engineer search service offers many repairers across the UK who can offer repairs, in fact many of the official Service Force engineers are registered with the service.

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  Zanussi Repairability

Zanussi washing machines and washer dryers are not the easiest for a DIY fix, many modules must be programmed or configured upon fitting now. Since the early 1990's the machines have been largely electronically controlled with semi-electronic timers and the likes as well as control modules (PCB's). The outer casing also splits to allow access.

Bearings are also not easy to change as the entire tank has to be removed and stripped down and many Zanussi washing machines have sealed outer tanks (more here) which means that bearings cannot be changed, it's a full tub unit, even if items get trapped in some cases.

Refrigeration, fridge freezers etc. are no more complex than most these days. Cooking products are the same really with little worth noting.

In general engineers have little issue with Zanussi products.

Manuals (instruction books) for many appliances are also available for free download from the Zanussi UK website and we like that.

We list some of the more common fault codes for Zanussi appliances in our self help area in the fault code section.

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  Zanussi Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Zanussi appliances. You can find out more about how we work out the ratings here

Zanussi market share
Zanussi UK Market share approx 5%  
Brand kudos
Not a great brand reputation in the industry
Zanussi is a very well known brand in the UK and across Europe with a reasonable reputation
Zanussi appliance pricing
Reasonable pricing but most appliances are just rebadged Electrolux Group appliances  
Zanussi tends to be a reasonable quality product  
Repair rating
Some repairs hampered by complex electronics and programming routines but generally Zanussi are okay to repair  
Repairer support
Very few repairers will refuse to repair an Zanussi applaince  
DIY repair rating
Some Zanussi appliances are Not so easy to DIY repair due to their technical nature and spares cost  
Spare parts availability
Zanussi spare parts are available from all major suppliers  
Spare part pricing
Most Zanussi spare parts are okay price wise but some, especially electronics, can be pricey  
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Zanussi's environmental policies  

Overall Rating

In general a reasonable showing for Zanussi as a brand
Reasonable appliances at reasonable prices backed with excellent spare parts availability even if they can be a bit expensive, as well as good repairer support in line with other Electrolux brands

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical support, spares or fault advice on any Zanussi appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where much more help will be available for Zanussi appliances using this completely free service.

LS5/1DPAUS dishwaher
Hi i was wondering if you could please send a manual to me via email. I have a client that has this dishwasher and did not use it for a year now the machine will not work. Serial number 61900001 made in 2006. is there anyone in Australia that i could go to for parts aswell please.
I hope you can help my client
Thanks Cheryl

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