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The Italian Candy Group acquired the Rosieres brand in 1987 at which point it was one of the leading and most respected French appliance manufacturers. Rosieres was established 1837 in France, and is one of the oldest brands in kitchen appliances.

Rosieres brand logoBefore Candy bought the brand they were pretty much unheard of in the UK but have been marketed as an upmarket brand since that point by Candy. The signature appliance of the brand is the "Paul Bocuse" range of range cookers which were endorsed b y the famed French chef.

Many users swear by the product and they do appear to have a long lifespan, some cookers that we supply spare parts for are over twenty years old.

A Rosieres Paul Bocuse range cooker that we supply spare parts for

The iconic Paul Bocuse range cooker

Paul Bocuse is one of the most prominent chefs associated with the nouvelle cuisine, which is less opulent and high-calorie than the traditional haute cuisine.

He operates the luxury restaurant l'Auberge du Pont de Collonges in his home town, as well as a chain of restaurants under his license.

Bocuse also operates a franchise in Walt Disney's Epcot Centre in Florida as well as one in Euro-Disney, the United States one perhaps the reason that there have been several Bocuse range cookers found in the United States.

  Rosieres Market Position

 As is to be expected from an upmarket brand, irrespective of the brand owner, the prices on Rosieres appliances are steep. At the time of originally writing this article in 2006 the best part of £2000 will be required to purchase a Bocuse range cooker. At the time of the revision in 2012 that had creeped up to nearly £2500. 

In recent times there has been some criticism levelled at the build quality and quality of spare parts used on current Paul Bocuse range cookers. It is also worth noting that Rangemaster may be a better alternative bet and will quite possibly cost less to buy however, the Bocuse is still a good range cooker.

The other products in the range seem to be normal re-badged Candy fare and are not really anything special in our opinion.

  Rosieres Service

Service is not really a problem for Rosieres appliances, other than some even within the trade unaware of the brand.

Being under the wing of the Candy Group most repairers will repair a Rosieres machine as spares are relatively easy to obtain, even if they are expensive.

Most independent repairers from our engineer search will have no problem with the brand although the large range cookers can be hard to move, not allowing for easy servicing. The independent engineers will also prove to be very often substantially cheaper than Rosieres direct service.

  Rosieres Spare Parts

As you would probably expect from the previous notes regarding retail prices of the appliances, spare parts can also prove to be expensive with some oven heating elements alone approaching £100 each. If you have or intend to buy a Rosieres branded cooker or other appliance please bear this in mind.

Spares for Rosieres Bocuse range cookers can be found from this link or you can use the form below to submit a request for spares.

UK Whitegoods has access to most all Rosieres spare parts from the UK and ships these to other countries as well by arrangement.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault advice on any Rosieres appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

Rosieres double oven 4040DB
I have a double Rosieres oven bought in UK n shipped to my home in Mauritius.I am presently in London and looking to buy some spares for my oven. The bottom element on the left hand side of my Rosieres 4040DB is not working and the plaque that covers it is pierced ( hole inside). I would be grateful if you could provide me with the spares and also the cost of same. Any manual that can assist a technician also woul be of great help as we do not have this brand of appliance sold in Mauritius. Thank you
Janine Jones
How do I get into oven and replace the clock which is very noisy on my Rosieres RBC127
Recently moved and have inherited rosieres range -springs on both oven doors need sorting and need to get it serviced-live near towcester Northants -where can I get this done and any idea of likely cost?? Thanks
Mrs diane Willis
I have a paul bocusse range cooker aporox 10 yrs old the left side oven which is self cleaning does not work the program for cleaning the oven is not working. How can I get this fixed. It is really missed
could you please direct us where we can source Rosiere oven parts. We are repairers and we require a connection block ( terminal block ). The oven was manufactured in 1992. Numbers on the oven are 0380001 de Rosieres B P. 44.18001 Bourges 2014d SBUK
Frances Muller
I have a rosieres gas range cooker and while boiling a pot of potatoes, the glass burst and shattered all over my house. I wonder what happened to it and who is responsible for it.
faith savage
I have a !4 yr old Rosserie stove that is pretty much perfect but I would like to but 7 new gold colour knobs that are used for gas and I would like an expert to come clean it completely and service it top to bottom. Any chance you can send me someone I live in W113pw West London. Thank you kindly we await yr reply Faith savage
J brassington
We have a Paul bocuse rosiere double ovenThe right hand oven does not heat up properly so the elements may have goneHow much would it cost to repairThank youJ brassington

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