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Samsung Appliances

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Lee Byoung-chul established the Samsung trading company in Daegu in 1953 and Samsung built a plant to produce washing machines and refrigerators in Suwon in the early 1970's which was completed in 1973. Production of both washing machines and refrigerators started in 1974.

Samsung bought the US appliance maker Dacor in 2016, plans for that are unknown.

Samsung appliance logoSamsung are not renowned for innovation in the whitegoods industry choosing to compete on price with what seems uninspiring products. 

Like LG (another Korean company) in the appliance market they seem to come up with marketing hype and little support for the claims, often a lot of the "features" tend to be very much gimmicks that are scrapped and replaced with a new sales gimmick fo rthe next range. We've had silver-nano, eco-bubble, VRT, steam, diamond drums and goodness knows what else but, in the the end, very few of these features survive a single generation of washing machines. Mostly because they're not much good.

Besides this in washers about the only things of note is the move towards higher load capacity machines and the high use of LED lights and displays to appeal to a younger, more technology savvy customer.

silver nano washing machine from Samsung

In refrigeration Samsung is predominantly known for its range of American styled fridge freezers in the UK although they do also produce standard European styles of fridge freezers and also some specialised refrigeration such as wine coolers.

Recently, to add to their microwave cooking range, Samsung has introduced a range of built in ovens in the UK with a unique "Twin Convection" system as Samsung have dubbed it. According to Samsung this allows you to cook two separate dishes in the one oven of a standard size.

Samsung also produce vacuum cleaners for the UK market.

  Samsung Market Position

Samsung seems to sit in the middle of the price pecking order with some products commanding a higher premium than others with its washing machine and tumble dryer range.

In refrigeration they occupy the lower middle market again with standard fridge freezers but fall into the lower end with the US styled fridge freezers, normally with ice makers.

Built in ovens and Samsung's microwave oven range has historically operated in the lower to mid range of prices.

Quality has proven to be an issue across most of the major appliances for Samsung, they are a good company on electronics but cannot be said to have carried that level of quality across to their large domestic appliances. Asides from the repeated and, well publicised issues with Samsung fridge freezers, the washing machines and cooking products are not especially highly rated by the engineers in terms of either reliability or durability.

And, like LG, Samsung appears to use gimmicks to sell products in many cases.

A good example of this is the push toward connected appliances in an attempt to merge the electronics business with domestic appliances, the Internet of Things as it were. Trouble is, buyers seem not too bothered by this as it is costly and doesn't really offer any tangible advantages, especailly so when all you get is a tablet type affair stuck onto a fridge or washing machine to control it. 

There has also been much critisism by owners of Samsung smart appliances over support being dropped for services on the products, especially in the USA as alledgedly by Google Samsung have failed to provide firmware updates. How true the latter is we don't know but we have seen people rounding on Samsung for lack of ongoing support as well as much critisism of Samsung's security so we can't help but tell people to avoid these connected appliances for the time being.

It would probably prove beneficial to look at alternatives from the more traditional appliance manufacturers such as Bosch, Electrolux, Zanussi, AEG and so on as a good alternative that will have far more experience in major appliances and will quite likely prove to be cheaper to buy and own.

  Samsung Spare Parts

Spares are all too often expensive for Samsung washing machines and fridge freezers but most day-to-day spare parts are not too badly priced however, like its Korean cousin LG, spares parts are often delivered incorrectly due to woeful spares information.

It appears that the Asiatic appliance manufacturers do not pay high regard to aftersales care.

Technical information and backup, like LG, is abysmal and as with the other Asiatic companies, spares availability can be a big problem at times. As can returning incorrect items as Samsung's spare part returns system is virtually non-existent which puts many repairers and spares suppliers off ordering any non-standard items from them.

Whether these points are due to Samsung or their chosen methods for spare part distribution is open to debate.

UK Whitegoods does stock the mode common spares and we can get Samsung spares not listed to order but please bear in mind that long lead times and incorrect spares supplied by Samsung are not uncommon. Fridge doors are especially notorious for being delivered incorrectly or damaged.

Fridge water filters are easy as we carry all Samsung water filters in stock.

  Samsung Service

Given the above getting a repair on a Samsung, especially in more remote areas, can be a problem at times.

We expect this to be worse still where it is an appliance that is packed with electronic gadgetry that Samsung will not allow non-agents access to technical information. Be aware that, when the time comes for requiring service, this will be expensive and very possibly restrictive.

Samsung does have a national network, which again like LG, has been one of the more nomadic service contracts in the industry and currently seems split between different companies. This is a problem as it does not allow engineers to build up enough experience with the brand and therefore there are products that they don't often see.

Calls were taken and handled by a call centre in Egypt however we are informed that this has now moved to the Phillipenes. This has given rise to complaints from engineers about the quality of communications.

Many of the engineer search registered appliance engineers will repair Samsung but please bear in mind the above if you have to order a spare part

  Samsung Rating & Review

You can find out how we determine these rating in this article explaining how we put this together in as easy way possible for people to understand quickly.

Samsung market share
Small UK market share
Samsung's UK market share really isn't that large although press releases by Samsung may have you think otherwise
Brand kudos
Very well known in the industry and the public
Not many people haven't heard of Samsung but within the trade they're not all that well regarded, especially so on the repair side of things where they are not all that well liked for their attitude to service
Samsung appliance pricing
Okay we suppose
Samsung is nothing outstanding and there's plenty competition to choose from round about them that offer better service and spares and probably just as good if not better quality
On a par with others
Samsung build quality appears no better or worse than others in the same price bracket but there have been several critisisms levelled at particular models, especially the gimmicky ones
Repair rating
Feedback we have seen from the troops is bad
Feedback we have seen from the repairers is not very good. Not great quality, poor spares availability and generally not liked all that much
Repairer support
Authorised agents might fix them but, it's quite likely nobody else will
Authorised agents will fix them and charge accordingly, others can struggle with the more technical products often badly if they will even touch them due to poor spares and tech support
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair Samsung products when there is no information or spare parts available
Not so easy to DIY repair Samsung products as there is no information or spare parts avaialble outside their own repair network, which is very bad news for owners
Spare parts availability
Spare parts pretty much available from only one supplier
More bad news, only one major supplier for the UK pretty much so, limited and can be expensive with no competition in the trade in this regard. Additionally it is not uncommon for spare to become obsoelte before you might expect however this is a problem that also plagues others such as LG and so on
spare part pricing
Some good, some bad
Some good, some bad is about the best we can describe it with Sammy's spare pricing. It's pot luck depending on what you need.
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Samsung's environmental policies
Not enough information on Samsung's environmental policies

Overall Rating

Our advice, avoid this one!
Not cheap, not exactly highly rated, dropped support for smart products, plauged with reliability issues... it really is hard to recommend Samsung. Then add the highly restrictive nature of the spare parts and technical information and for us we're afraid it's a non-starter. We would avoid Samsung.


Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault advice on any Samsung appliance as the technicians will not see the request here. Please use the the forums where more help will be available and it is a completely free service.

Samsung poor aftercare
\"It appears that the Asiatic appliance manufacturers do not pay high regard to aftersales care.\" - I have to agree with this having tried to get help with a 1.5 year old mid range Microwave (£150). They were clueless about the warranty which was meant to be 2 years from them but they denied it and were just useless. Scrapped it in the end for a more reliable model from Lidl - with 3 year warranty.
Samsung washer
Got machine about 6 years ago. Not bad for price though it don\'t half vibrate on spinning! Only breakdown so far was drain pump seizing. Resourceful local repair man found a Zanussi item would fit.
tina sarao
I bought my samsung eco b .im having probs regitering it online re 5 year warrenty cant find serial no .it also not washing at 60 deg as i have programed it to .waters still cold
Mrs p Cooney
Hello, six months ago we bought an Eco Bubble washing machine. Not happy When I put it on spin only it shows the time it will take which is 12mins,in actual fact it takes 20min and in that time it only spins on 1400 speed for 6mins, the rest of the time the drum just turns slowly (14mins) !!! I had my last washing machine for ten years, and the day before it died its 1400spin took out more water than this Eco bubble. Not impressed at all
I have samsung American fridge freezer it is no longer working just showing a - in the display unit what is wrong? I need help? Thankyou

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