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The story goes that Karl-Erik Andersson, a Swedish farmer, built his first washing machine for his mother in 1950. It is said that this was due to a travelling salesman calling to sell a washing machine and young Karl told his mother that he could build something better in the farm shed come workshop, as good or better as the salesman was selling. The salesman said that he would return in a few weeks and that, if Karl could build a better washer then he'd drop trying to sell his mother one of his.

Asko Domestic Appliances LogoHe did indeed return a few weeks later and, true to his word, Karl had indeed built a washing machine that was outstanding in performance and quality.

The salesman bought four to sell.

His invention was such a success with the local community he founded a factory on his farm and it is still there today. Known as Junga Verkstader, the company has been through several changes of ownership and names such as ABB Cylinda, Asea and finally, in 1988 Asko.

Very early Asko washing machine

In 2000, Asko was acquired by the Antonio Merloni company of Italy.

The first automatic washer was produced in 1965 and Cylinda were years ahead in producing energy efficient machines with innovative features. The most notable feature being the lack of a conventional rubber bellows door seal as the door hinges straight on to the outer tub and is therefore part of the suspended unit, a design that endures to today as, quite simply it works and keeps on working. Asko have always produced high quality machines using stainless steel tub construction and many unique features that set them apart from other manufacturers. Asko also produced the front loading ISE10 range of washing machines and dryers for ISE.

Sadly, when being acquired by Antonio Merloni, the brand has suffered somewhat in the UK with poor promotion, lack of support to retailers and an ad hock service set up have all contributed to making an Asko washing machine a rare sight here. Business is booming in the USA however where the brand is an established high quality top end product.

In July 2010 Asko was purchased by Gorenje securing the future for the Asko factories and brand or so it was mooted. 

Whilst a part of the large Gorenje Group, Asko is run as a separate design house and a research and development centre for laundry products within the group.

What actually happened is that alll production of appliances and all spare parts distribution was moved to Slovenia.

We strongly suspect that many later products after production has been moved, especially cooking and refrigeration product will be little more than rebadged Gorenje products in effect rendering Asko to sadly become little other than another own label brand.

  Retail Position

Asko sits squarely at the premium end of the market with all its appliances with a heavy focus on simple operation through design and extended durability, so much so that even the basic tub design is suitable for light commercial use.

They are, due to the nature of Swedish design, not a manufacturer that adds needless features that people will rarely use preferring instead to focus on ease of use for owners which has led to an almost cult following of the brand's machines.

The only real competition in this area is from Miele and V-Zug who could be considered as alternatives and it is our opinion that no others come even close to a similar level of quality, durability and design. Buying any of these brands assure you of a top quality appliance.

Asko sells a limited range of models at around the £900 mark but not currently under the Asko brand name in the UK.

  Spares Pricing And Aftersales Service

Spare parts are relatively low priced given the premium nature and quality of the Asko brand and available from UK Whitegoods and Connect.

Asko Service is officially not really available in the UK currently as "Authorised Asko Service" but many independent repair companies such as those on Engineer Search are only too happy to assist on a Asko machine. 

Spares were usually fairly readily available and are reasonably priced (often very reasonably) in relation to the cost of these fantastic appliances. However that has changed with Gorenje taking full control and spares are now slow and expensive in the UK.

The Asko international web site is at: and the site is also informative of their products.

  Asko Key Contacts

Official website/email:

Official telephone support: No Longer Available For Legacy Products

Official technical support:

Official retail spare parts supply: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Primary trade only supplier (where available): UK Whitegoods

Address : No Registered UK Address

  Asko Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Asko appliances. You can find out more about how we work out the ratings here

These rating are from before Gorenje moved production from Sweden to Slovenia and may not apply to products from mid-2013 onwards

Asko market share
UK Market share approx 1% before exit  
Brand kudos
Not a great brand reputation in the industry
Asko is a fairly well known brand in the UK and across Europe with a very good reputation
Asko appliance pricing
High prices but very high quality  
Asko is a very high quality product  
Repair rating
Generally Asko are very good to repair  
Repairer support
Very few repairers will refuse to repair an Asko appliance  
DIY repair rating
Some Asko appliances are Not so easy to DIY repair due to their technical nature  
Spare parts availability
Asko spare parts are available from most major suppliers  
Spare part pricing
Most spare parts are very good price wise but some, especially considering the purchase cost of the appliances  
Environmental rating
Great environmental track record that goes far beyond the energy raings  

Overall Rating

Superb high quality appliances
Good pricing given the high quality and durability, low cost spares relatively and good repairer support as well as outstanding environmental policies

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical support or advice on any Asko appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help should be available.

Pieter Taipan
asko washing machine w6561 quattro
Doesn\'t empty.
Please use the forums for assistance with diagnostics and fault finding as the repair technicians will not see your comments here.
c allen
what do need,1,tha water is cold and when the washing finishes there is no heat to dry plates now.2.if wash program 1 or 2 is selected it washes utill dial is at 6 oclock and stays in that position, you have to help it move to next order.3.can i fit a new heating element from inside dishwasher as new floor has trapped it in.please email me advice and any requirements.thaks, chrisps is there a maintainence manual for it

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