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Hygena Appliances

No Longer Trading

hygena kitchen applainces logo who make dishwashers, washing machine, cookers, ovens, hobs and hoods

MFI acquired the Hygena brand name in 1982 although it had been in existence as a kitchen brand since the 1930's. 

In general it appears that Hygena is sold below the Diplomat brand name in price terms which is also owned by MFI with QA Hygena and some Schreiber branded appliances.

In the Hygena range there are cookers, ovens, hobs, hoods, dishwashers and washing machines which are predominantly sold through Howden Joinery and the MFI stores. Most of the Hygena appliances sold were either built in or integrated as they were sold with new kitchens.

Newer products sold through Argos are merely rebranded own label brand products that there is extremely limited support for.

  Hygena Market Position

Hygena was catering for people on a budget and the appliances do reflect this.

Diplomat, the sister brand from MFI was the more upmarket products.

  Hygena Service

After the collapse of MFI any official service for Hygena applainces ceased however almsot all teh appliance repair comapnies listed in our engineer search will undertake repairs on Hygena products.

  Hygena Spare Parts

Spares pricing is actually pretty good and these appliances are easily put right when they go wrong. MFI have taken nice simple machines and used those as a budget range, not trying to be too fancy or overcomplicate matters so almost any repairer can service them.

The only snag there is that many repairers do not know that they are re-badged products that they will have often have seen in a different guise and may well reject any calls on that basis.

Spares are almost all easily obtained from UK Whitegoods store as we are a leading online supplier of Hygena spares with many in stock and normally a maximum of few days lead time on non-stock spares.

Please do watch when ordering however as "Select 600" or "Select 900" and so on are model ranges, not model numbers and it is easy to order incorrect Hygena spares if you are using only these numbers as a reference.

Please also note that we can only supply spare parts for the applainces and not for kitchen units etc from Hygena.

However with the closure of MFI some spare parts for these appliances are getting harder to come by and this has pushed up some prices as well.

  Hygena Key Contacts

Official website/email: No Longer Available

Official telephone support: No Longer Available

Unnofficial technical support:

Unofficial Hygena spare parts supply: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Primary trade supplier (where available): AWS

Address : No Longer Trading

  Hygena Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Hygena built in, integrated and other appliances.

Hygena market share
Hygena is no longer trading and has no market share  
Brand kudos
Not a great brand reputation in the industry
Hygena is a largely well known brand in the UK although no longer trading
Hygena appliance pricing
Not enough information  
The quality of Hygena was reasonable for the price points  
Repair rating
Great appliances to repair for the most part with a few exceptions  
Repairer support
There will be little trouble getting a repair for a Hygena appliance so long as spare parts are available  
DIY repair rating
Most common repairs required are easy enough for a competent DIY repair  
Spare parts availability
Although in decline, spare parts for Hygena are still available for the most part  
Spare part pricing
Generally Hygena spare parts are reasonable prices  
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Hygena's environmental policies  

Overall Rating

Hygena is no longer trading
While MFI was still trading, like its more upmarket stablemate Diplomat, Hygena was a good buy for the most part given the budget pricing

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault finding advice on any Hygena appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

Rafik Mohung
Built in grill/oven and ceramic hob
Both my built in grill/oven of model code APL 4212 (mocca colour) and the ceramic hob Apl 1315 Mocca have defective continuous variable knob control - meaning we don't have the required temperature as per the knob control.

Please advice if the problem is from the knob control or other parts of the appliances.

Please treat these issues as urgent

Merry Macdonald
Integral Fridge Part needed
I have a fridge bought from MFI in 2006, I\'m wondering if I can get a new shelf that attaches to the bottom of the fridge door, to hold bottles etc.
Chris Kelly
APM6812 built in fridge/freezer:Does anybody know the modern equivevent of the above fridge/freezer. Mine is kaput and I need to replace in in a fitted kitchen unit.Thanks
John Lockhart
I have a hygena gas cooker, it has the numbers APL0415........model 059041435....and the s/n 002154, what i am after is the oven light bulb cover, are these still available please?
Kenneth Watt
Hi,Sorry, we only do parts for the Hygena appliances, not the kitchens.
Lucy Kennedy
All I require is a drawer runner which is fitted in a recess half way up the side of the drawer. My twenty year old kitchen could then last forever.
Kenneth Watt
Hi Jackie,that depends on who the warranty is with, if it's MFI then it isn't worth the paper it's printed on now.Overfreezing is probably a thermostat/control PCB problem which is available in our store, just search for part number 510252000. It isn't cheap and parts are starting to go unavailable for that model.
Jackie Honey
I have a fridge freezer model APM6012 purchased with a kitchen with MFI the fridge keeps freezing up at the back I have tried turning the fridge down to 2 and have also kept the drain hole clear. Any suggestions...I have an extended warranty that I bought from MFI does anyone know whether they have to replace the fridge freezer have continuously been getting shelves and front in freezer as they only last about a year...

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