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Termikel Domestic Appliance Group

Turkish manufacturer Termikel Group was founded in 1957 in Ankara by Mehmet Kaya manufacturing pressure cookers.

Termikel employs worldwide over 1,800 employees and achieved a group turnover of over than 200 million US-Dollars. For this reason, Termikel is now among the biggest family-owned businesses in Turkey.

Since 1973 the group has produced kitchen appliances at a production facility with more than 80 thousand m² in Ankaraand Yozgat. Products are manufactured for different markets like Asia and Europe and the appliances are produced under the label Termikel.

The range of products includes built-in cookers and built-in ovens, glass-ceramics stove tops, gas stove tops, extractor hoods, grill ovens, climate control units and small appliances. Termikel produces floor-mounted heater especially for the Middle East and Asia.

Early in 2006 Termikel Deutschland GmbH, was founded in Hamm/North, Rhine-Westphalia. Termikel Deutschland GmbH develops and markets a full range of built-in appliances-full which are adapted to suit the European market.

As yet we have not seen any Termikel branded product in the UK but they do seem to have been producing own label brand goods for some retailers and trade brands.

  Termikel Market Position

Not really known at present as we've hardly seen any of this product in the UK yet although, given the limited range and the country of origin we would not anticipate high retail prices by any stretch, more in the budget arena if not right down at the bottom.

This is borne out as many Bush cookers and so forth made by Termikel are now being imported into the UK and, the feedback from the technicians is, they are not brilliant. However, that is likely to be expected in this area of the market as you can hardly expect any different really.

But, there is some confusion between machines being made by Termikel and ones from Simfer (among others most likely) and other sources as the origin is obscured so it's easy to get them confused on some of these brands where multiple suppliers are being used.

They may not be

Currently, we are aware that Termikel does or have produced products for the following brands:

There may well be others also as we do believe that even some Rangemaster product may have been sourced from Termikel but that we are not completely sure of.

Please see each of the links for reviews of each brand.

We've had a look through Termikel's latest offerings and it's pretty clear they've got eyes on upping their game with some sleek new designs incorporating touch control and so on as well as some other things. It's a shame that, like many producers of own label products that brand owners will very often be attracted to the lowest priced items.

From what we've seen, even in spite of some comments, we would have to be thinking that Termikel has eyes on chasing Beko and Vestel.

  Termikel Aftersales Service

We are currently unaware of any aftersales arrangements for the UK mainly as the brand currently is not sold in the UK.

Branded goods (Bush etc) seem to be through Minerva Services or First4Service.

  Termikel Spare Parts

Spares are liable to be reasonably priced as they are from many Turkish manufacturers but we have no details of any official spare parts supply to the UK.

For the branded products all we can say is, it has been nightmarish!

We have spoken with Termikel about this problem and they are working towards making spare parts far more readily available through Minerva for trade and for retailers such as ourselves so, in the near future, spares are likely not to be the problem that they have been. This is a very good thing in our view.

But, more than two years after being promised assistance with parts so we can actually help people that own Termikel or Termikel produced appliances... we're still waiting.

IF they make us wait two years and not bother, one has to wonder what sort of service that they provide to a customer!

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Termikel appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

gary critchley
were can I get a new thermostat for my oven as I live in Turkey

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