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No Longer Trading

Formed in 1956 in a small workshop in Mondragon what was to become the largest co-operative group in the world was started. Today, The Mondragon Co-Operative Corporation has become a leading business group in the Basque Country and one of the top-ranking groups in Spain.

Fagor appliances brand lgoMCC brings together 122 industrial companies, 6 financial organisations, 14 retailers, 4 research centres, 1 university and 14 insurance companies and international trade services. It had a turnover of more than 14,700 million pounds and a workforce of over 69,000 people.

The group is divided up into three main divisions: the finance division, the retail division and the industrial division.

A program of major international expansion has seen Fagor achieve a workforce of 6,074 people and factories located in three continents: Europe, America and Africa with 13 subsidiaries throughout the world as well as a major sales network present in 80 countries in 5 continents.

It was the case that 44% of Fagor's sales are international, and of these, 70% take place in those markets that are considered the most competitive: France, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain and (across the Atlantic), Czech Republic. Fagor, marketed its products under seven different brand names including the following:

  • Fagor
  • Fagor Edesa
  • Aspes
  • Mastercook
  • Brandt
  • De Dietrich
  • Fagor Commercial
  • San Gorgio
  • Sauter
  • Ocean
  • Thomson
  • Vedette

The purchase of the Brandt Group in 2005 made Fagor one of the largest appliance manufacturers in Europe, in fact, Fagor was the fifth largest appliance manufacturer in Europe before it collapsed in 2013. This also included the acquisition of the Ocean and De Dietrich brands.

It does surprise people to learn that Fagor actually have about an approximate 4.5% share of the entire European market for appliances but, in the UK the brand is hardly recognised at all and certainly is not a household name, yet enjoys a higher market share than many far more well known brands such as Candy Hoover and LG among others.

In 2013, however, it all came to a crashing halt as Fagor domestic appliances entered into administration which was one of the biggest shocks the appliance industry has ever seen given that it was the fifth largest producer in Europe that went under and, nobody wanted to or could buy it.

Fagor dishwasher production line

  Fagor Market Position

As with most manufacturers entering the UK Fagor started out at the cheap end of the market with poor quality but cheap appliances. At the time this included cheap ovens and cookers, especially gas cookers which were riddled with problems, like no gas safety cut-off and exploding glass doors. Times change and today the products are light years better than their distant predecessors but still, Fagor struggles to cast off the "budget brand" stigma that is attached to it within the industry like many others in the same situation.

The recent purchase of the Brandt Group from Elco-Brandt (formerly just Elco), an Israeli company, included the upmarket French brand of De Dietrich which lies at the opposite end of the scale in terms of image.

On the whole the appliances that Fagor produce are actually pretty good for the market sector in which they operate, certainly no worse than any of the competition around it such as Bosch, Electrolux and we'd actually peg Fagor as better than Indesit, not that that is terribly hard.

The modern Fagor built-in ovens are actually very good value and pretty decent appliances as are most of the rest of their built-in and integrated ranges. After buying De Dietrich Fagor seemed to have learned a lot from the upmarket French built in specialist.

However late in 2013 came the shock announcement that the Fagor appliance division was in financial trouble and, after several months of wrangling in courts in Spain and France the entire group collapsed. In a race between Algerian company Cevital and Cata Domestic Appliances, Cata won in July 2014 and bought the remnants of the collapsed Fagor group however it did not pick up the liabilities for warranties and so on leaving existing owners with no warranty and, for many products no spares either.

For the time being Fagor in the UK is more or less dead.

  Fagor Spare Parts

Traditionally spares prices were pretty reasonable for Fagor products in the UK until the service contract changed earlier in 2006 to being handled by who now undertake all the Fagor Group service in the UK. Previously spares and service were handled by Anglo Iberian Service (AIS) based in Essex who were subsequently bought by Waterline Kitchens and then sold onto JTM Contracts in October of 2006.

We do supply spares and we do have some alternative routes to many parts are a far lower cost, but we have found that these can often take a little longer than the more expensive route but this is a situation that is constantly improving.

Since the service has been handled by repaircare (this happened in 2005) there has been a considerable rise in most spares prices, until recently, the sole UK importer of spares was Connect Distribution in Birmingham of whom repaircare is a trading division. Overnight many spare parts prices across all the brands increased dramatically, some in excess of a 100% increase in cost.

This is a situation that, since the demise of the group, has become even more difficult.

Fagor headquarters

  Fagor Service & Repairs

These price increases, along with very limited technical information in the past and little, if any, training gave the brands a bad image in the repair industry, especially the upmarket flagship De Dietrich brand as the appliances are technically complex and low volume.

Due to this for a long time many independent traders would either not attend these brands or, alternatively, would charge a premium to offset the additional work involved. Given that the spares are already expensive to start with this made the chance of an appliance being written off prematurely higher than usual as well as increasing the "hassle factor" for repairs which, especially with De Dietrich, was already high as generally speaking De Dietrich customers expect more.

In recent times however, as new management has been brought in that are much more consumer service orientated this situation has improved dramatically.

As noted service is currently (2011) being carried out through a national network of independent engineers that are all subcontracted to a company called repaircare.

Alternative service that will often prove to be much cheaper through the approved appliance repair engineers and you can search to find a local one on our engineer search facility.

  Fagor Key Contacts

Official website/email: No longer available

Official telephone support: No longer available

Unofficial technical support:

Retail spare parts supply: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Primary trade only supplier (where available): Was CDSL now none

Address : No longer trading

  Fagor Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Fagor appliances.

Fagor market share
Fagor holds a less than 1% UK market share  
Brand kudos
Fagor does not have a great brand reputation in the UK
Fagor is not a particularly well known brand in the UK but is much better known in Europe
Fagor appliance pricing
Fagor products are usually sold at reasonable prices  
Fagor appliances are of decent quality  
Repair rating
Fagor are pretty good to repair and do have good backup  
Repairer support
Good backup from Fagor technical in the UK offices let down only by a lack of online information  
DIY repair rating
Many repairs are easy to DIY on Fagor appliances  
Spare parts availability
Now Fagor spare parts are available from several suppliers  
Spare part pricing
Some Fagor spare parts are a little pricey but, misty, Fagor spares are okay  
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Fagor's environmental policies  

Overall Rating

DEcent appliances from Fagor at reasonable prices
Although not that well known in the UK Fagor was a huge company, one of the largest groups in Europe, that made reasonable appliances at sensible prices.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault finding advice on any Fagor appliance as the repair technicians will not see your request here. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

Fagor integrated washing machine
I would like buy or download an instruction booklet for a VAGOR Innovation Integrated Washing Machine.
If anyone can help or advise, I would be grateful

Dean starkie
User manual
I need a user manual for a fagor built in coffee machine model no 2mqc-a-10x please advise .
As Fagor are no longer trading in any form, I doubt you\'ll find one.
frank bolger
We have a Fagor lt0731t dishwasher and the door hinge has broken so we cannot close the door. Is this repairable?
Sue Makinson
Hi we have a fagor 900 5 ring induction hob and need a technician to look at it, we are based in the West Yorkshire area (Leeds, do you know of anyone or can you help.RegardsSue

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