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No Longer Trading

This company or brand is no longer trading and there is no active support that we are currently aware of for either the brand or products

In June 2011 the Tecnik brand owner Moben entered into administration.

Due to the collapse of the  business certain spares, especially cosmetic items have become increasingly difficult to get.

Tecnik was an own label brand name that was owned by Moben kitchens and sold through their own outlets and those of Kitchens Direct. However searches on the internet produced several retailers offering Tecnik appliances in addition to this whilst the company was still trading.

The brand has little history of note bar the move in (roughly) 2001 from, at the time, Anglo Iberian Services to BSH Group providing service and the product line up changed.

We have heard of kitchen salespeople telling that these machines are German made, they're not on any example we've seen. This is probably partially a mistake as the servicing is carried out by BSH Group which of course owns Bosch, Neff and Siemens.

The appliances were sourced from all over the world and from many different manufacturers. For example, the new range of integrated washing machines launched late in 2006 were produced by the Candy Group.

We also heard of and experienced several delays on spares as well as some difficulty at times in tracking information on these appliances. This is mainly due to the fact that the machines can be made by anyone almost.

  Tecnik Retail Position

To be honest most of the examples we've seen have been low end, budget appliances and are often offered free as part of a kitchen. It was quite common for a "free" dishwasher to be thrown into the deal and these were cheap and nasty.

On the whole, not brilliant.

  Tecnik Spares

Spares we can obtain although, at times, tracking them can be difficult as we first we have to track down what it is. There is some good in this though as often we can track the same parts from an alternative supplier or brand at lower prices.

Obviously with the demise of Moden and the Tecnik brand some spares be become constrained.

  Tecnik Service

Service is pretty straightforward as, not being a proprietary brand, most of the information on the appliances is available from sources other than BSH Group or Tecnik themselves. Most of the repairers on engineer search can and will happily repair Tecnik branded machines.

Do bear in mind however that now this is effectively a dead brand and support may be limited if available at all.

  Tecnik Key Contacts

Official website/email: No Longer Available

Official telephone support: No Longer Available

Unnofficial technical support:

Unofficial retail spare parts supply: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Primary trade supplier (where available): CDSL

Address : No Longer Trading

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Tecnik appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.
Graham Sennitt
natural gas injectors
Need to source a set of 5 injectors natural gas for a Tecnik TKC 1255 hob. Any ideas?


anthony clarke
filter screen for cooker hood,serial no.E-Nr lettie1GB/01 FD7903212115
nigel morrison
tecnik intergrated washer dryer
Am trying to find were the filter for above washer dryer might be as it now wont spin when wash finishes. Can find no tale tale markings as to indicate where same might be
David Breame
Patricia Lunney
Bulbs for a Tecnik Cooker Hood
We have looked everywhere for replacement bulbs for a Tecnik Cooker Hood, bulb ref TKE5475SS max 50W can you suggest a supplier or an alternative bulb.
Helen Murray
Tecnik TKC1285
Dear sirs

Please can you help. We have the above cooker, model no TKC 1285. Currently it\'s is configured to use LPG gas, but we are having mains gas installed in the next 6-8 weeks.

As this cooker was in the house when we bought it we are not sure how to convert it. Are you able to advise if it is the connection or the jets that need changed and also advise where we can get these parts from?

The previous owner left a manual however when I contacted the no it took me to Bosch who advised they did not make that model so could not help. If I cannot get the cooker converted I will have to reconsider changing gas supply.

Thank you in advance.

Yours hopeful.

Helen Murray
0771 409 7724

lpg conversion
Hi - we have a Tecnik TKC1255ss which we want to convert to LPG - I\'m wondering if the jets would be the same and we could do a swap?
Tecnik rang ecooker - internal oven glass door shattered
Tecnic Model TKC 1285
The internal glass in the small oven door, of my much loved range cooker has shattered?can it be fixed?
The company tecnik has gone out of business.

any help very welcome

Anil Sharma
Tecnik TKR 681 integrated fridge/freezers
I have had this Tecnik TKR 681 integrated fridge freezer for over 15 years, and needs upgrading. I am trying to find the measurements of the equipment so that I could replace it with a newer different make that fits in the cabinet. Does anybody know the measurements? Many thanks
Jay Phillips
Do you have any butter and cheese compartments for Tecnik Fridge TKR601

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