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Rangemaster's history traces back almost two hundred years, the following text is from the Rangemaster website:

"The Rangemaster story begins in 1777 (when the United States of America had only been independent of Great Britain for one year) with the enterprising John Flavel. He started a foundry specialising first in "vapour baths" inspired by the spas of Leamington; then moving into cooking appliances.

Rangemaster Aga cookerIn 1803 the operation first moved to Leamington Spa where generations of the Flavel family were to become civic leaders in the town and the factory became a major local employer.

The mighty Eagle Foundry was then built in 1833. On what is now the press shop area of the current Leamington site. In 1859 it was described as "the largest manufactory of it's kind in the world". The new foundry enabled John's son, William, to expand and develop his epoch-making 1830 invention, the 'Kitchener' range cooker.

Manufactured in cast iron and heated by solid fuel, the 'Kitchener' could be used to boil, roast, bake and warm, all from the same heat source. It was hailed as one of the greatest domestic institutions of the 19th Century.

Rangemaster KitchenerThe Kitchener A contemporary advertisement at the time described it as: "the most ready means of performing in the best manner, either separately or at the same time, all the operations of cooking with only one fire, and that an open one, which may be of any size to suit the kitchen of the smallest cottage, or the largest mansion or hotel.... its arrangement is so simple, in every department of the culinary process, that servants cannot easily disorder or mismanage it."

Its status was unquestioned from Queen Victoria to Edward VII, the King of Italy and the Emperor of Germany - all had "Kitchener" stove. And for all the lords and ladies of the land, it was not just a status symbol but part of the way of life as Aga was later to become.

In 1844, on the death of William Flavel, his son, Sidney Flavel, took over and ran the firm. In his hands the Kitchener continued to dominate.

In 1851, Sidney Flavel exhibited the "Kitchener" at the Great Exhibition held at Crystal Palace. The exhibition was attended by some 19,000 companies and it demonstrated the supremacy of British manufacturing at that time. Only 17 gold prize medals with special approbations were awarded and one such medal went to the "Kitchener".

The "Kitchener" was shown to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, who visited the exhibition with her aunt, the Duchess of Gloucester. The Duchess ordered a "Kitchener" for Kensington Palace.

Between 1851 and 1905 the "Kitchener" won many more awards and gold medals throughout the world. As the Victorian era wore on, the "Kitchener" went from strength to strength.

Production LineFollowing the First World War, developments in gas and electricity paved the way for the next generation of cookers. Much of the historic cast iron technology was adopted by Rangemaster's sister company Aga, passing to Alastair Darby's foundry at Coalbrookedale, where Aga and Rayburns have been made since 1946.

Sidney Flavel remained at the forefront in cooker styling and technology. The tradition of Sidney Flavel for innovation remained. Many of the developments of modern day domestic cooker technology have their origins in the development laboratories of Royal Leamington Spa. For instance, we were the first to offer colour shaded cookers, the first dual fuel cooker and the fold away grill all came from the laboratories at Leamington.

It was, however, in 1995 that an initiative was made which has created today's Rangemaster. We lo oked to our style roots and the comfortable, English country lifestyle and moved away from mass production launching the double oven cooker, the Rangemaster 110. A chord was struck immediately with our customers and a whole new market segment was created.

During the late 1990s the 110 became the key product line for the company. The links with its growing sister company, Aga-Rayburn, in Coalbrookdale increased as the focus was placed on style and cooking excellence

Rangemaster EliteIn 2002 the initiative was taken to concentrate the business on range cooking. Rangemaster's parent, the Aga Foodservice Group, backed the decision to transform the Royal Leamington Spa site into a centre of excellence for range cooking. Mass production product lines and brands were sold and Rangemaster took back the mantle of being a premium brand cooker company.

£3 million investment programme has seen the factory enhanced and a programme undertaken to modernise the site making it a worthy descendent of Sidney Flavel's Eagle foundry development. Rangemaster now has a state of the art R & D facility which is seeing not only new products being brought to market, but ranges developed to meet the particular requirements of the European and North American markets. In addition, we have consolidated our links with the cast iron tradition of the "Kitchener" and Aga, now having cast iron pan supports made at Coalbrookdale.

We continue to innovate and develop market-leading products including ranges and built-in cookers and have widened our portfolio to include sinks, taps, wine coolers and ice-makers."

Rangemaster was bought in 2015 by the American company Middleby.

If you are looking to buy a new range cooker which is what Rangemaster is best known for then you should probably read these articles as well:

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  Rangemaster Retail Position

Don't expect the cheapest but do expect good, at least oin some products as Rangemaster now outsource some applainces.

Rangemaster cookers are fantastic cookers, very well built and other than the odd failure of a flame failure device they pretty much don't break. These cookers are far, far better than some of the cheap alternatives supplied by the electrical chains but then with AGA and Falcon in the group we would expect something that little bit better and they are better.

Make no mistake, Rangemaster cookers are not the best built, that title went to Mercury until AGA Rangemaster bought then in 2009 and Viking or Wolf without spending the thick end of £30,000 on La Cornue, but they are in the segment vastly superior to many. If you are teetering on whether to buy a Stoves, Belling or suchlike against a Rangemaster we'd suggest the Rangemaster every time.

But there is a problem with some Rangemaster products or at least, we have a problem with them.

They’ve ben known to outsource production of items that they cannot make so you can find yourself with a rebadged and very expensive version of a Chinese produced Hisense Kelon fridge freezer, a Vestel oven, hob or such, a Chinese or Turkish made dishwasher and all the hoods are made by Turboair to our knowledge.

Now that wouldn’t be so bad if you were paying the same or similar money for these as you would for what is in effect the same thing with another badge on it but, you ain’t. You’re getting the honour of paying a lot of money quite often for the Rangemaster badge on a poor to mediocre appliance and, that’s not so good.

  Rangemaster Service

Current service arrangements for Rangemaster cookers are a bit odd in all honesty and seem to be split down three different paths. That said, the vast majority of service is by independent repairers and the service levels seem to be very good. Service has been routed through ISDAL in the past before they went bust, JTM / 0800 Repair and also through repaircare and direct AGA engineers.

Almost all of the independent repair companies that work on cookers listed in our engineer search will happily repair a Rangemaster cooker for you, often for a lot lower cost than the official service.

  Rangemaster Spare Parts

Spares can be a bit pricey but only on occasion as most of the common spare parts used on Rangemaster appear very reasonably priced. Also, Rangemaster spare parts are very easy to get and you won't need too many usually. Other than flame failure devices, fan oven elements and the odd grill element along with a few other almost consumable items, the usage seems pretty low on spares.

Do however watch for low quality copy parts as since Rangemaster (very sensibly in our opinion) keep a lot of parts the same for range after range, there are a number of copycat parts out there and some of them really aren't very good. With most of the genuine spares being so sensibly priced we don't really see the point of selling the inferior copies.

However for branded machines, the part prices can be completely stupid on! Another reason to avoid these wherever possible.

The main section for Rangemaster cooker spares can be found here from this link or you can submit a spare part request using the form below.

All in all a good buy in our opinion and, it's even British for a change so long as you stick to the range cookers, the rest... not so much!

  Rangemaster Rating & Review

You can find out how we determine these rating in this article explaining how we put this together in as easy way possible for people to understand quickly.

Rangemaster market share
Small UK market share
Rangemaster has a small UK market share but if you look at range cookers in isolation it's a whole heap bigger
Brand kudos
Largely known in the industry  and with the public
Rangemaster is a very well known UK brand that is widely regarded as being good
Rangemaster appliance pricing
Fair and reasonable
Fair and reasonable for the range cookers made in the UK, not good for the other branded products
Not great quality levels but okay
Not great quality levels but on par with anything similar, except for branded products
Repair rating
Feedback is good
Feedback is great on the UK produced range cookers but for many of the branded products the repairers berate them, badly on occasion
Repairer support
Very good
Almost any repair company the fixes cookers wil happily repair a Ramgemaster cooker but som branded products they're not so keen on
DIY repair rating
Pretty good
Most things that people will try themselves on the range cookers is absolutely fine to do but the branded products can be far more challenging
Spare parts availability
Spare parts available from all major suppliers
Marked down as some parts are hard to get but most are just fine and available almost everywhere
Spare part pricing
Good to silly
Prices on UK made range cookers is great but many of the badged products Rangemaster buy in can have very high pricing on them
Environmental rating
Not enough information on environmental policies
Not enough information on environmental policies

Overall Rating

Our advice, avoid this one!
Range cookers are good, all the rest... avoid and the scores reflects that

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Rangemaster range cooker or any other appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

The cookers may be of high quality, but the extractor hood (bought to match the cooker) is made in italy and is very poor.
Kenneth Watt
Hi Ralph,I'm afraid that part is completely obsolete now with no known alternative.
Ralph McAllister
Dear sir / Madam do you have spare part # A078419 FOR RANGEMASTER COOKERRegards Ralph
jean wright
dear siri need a flame failure device for 110 leisure victorina that is quite old, pre 2002 do you stock themthnks

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