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Miele is one of the oldest appliance brands being founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann and going on to produce its first washing machine in 1911. Today the company is still privately owned and mostly produces all its own appliances, one of the few remaining manufacturers to do so.

Miele have always been obsessed with the quality of their products, favouring quality over price reductions unlike most every other manufacturer in the industry although, recently, there has been some compromise seemingly being made on Miele's lower range products. Quite how true this is only time will tell but Miele do try to live up to their motto of "Immer Besser" or, "Forever Better".

As far as we know (Miele are very cloak and dagger on some things) the refrigeration range is actually produced by a company called Liebherr for Miele although Miele, again as far as we know, do not produce appliances for any other manufacturer.

Miele's fandom in the industry is almost legendry with many retailers and repairers swearing that they are the best machines in the world and, that is probably partially true. But, it is based largely on Miele's reputation and the fact that there is little competition out there in the same league as Miele in terms of quality. However Miele's Achilles Heel is on the servicing side where they fall down miserably on pricing and transparency.
A Miele dishwasher

  Miele Market Position

You won't get Miele appliances cheap, if you want a cheap machine then I'm afraid you will have to look elsewhere. What you will get is s superbly engineered appliance that is built to be durable and last, regardless of the type.

It is argued that it is actually a false economy to buy a poorly built appliance and, we would agree with that and urge you to look at it as an investment 

So on the whole, very well built with good performance, but servicing costs are where Miele fall down (see below).

Recently however Miele has been offering a ten year parts and labour warranty on selected appliances as a promotion. What terms or restrictions there are on this warranty we do not know, the guarantee is underwritten by Miele themselves.

  Miele Spare Parts

Spares for Miele products are just astronomical in price!

Typical examples are over £100 for a drain pump or a whopping £450 for a motor, control PCBs and the likes topping over £300. They may be good, but they sure ain't cheap to replace.

Of course this would be okay if they never broke down, but while they don't fail anywhere near mass market levels, they do fail. What you have to bear in mind and, what you take the risk on, is that nothing major breaks before the machine is 12 years or so old as, if you are faced with a repair bill of several hundred pounds when the machine is 8 years or so old, the temptation is to scrap it and replace it with something else.

There are several "compatible" spares available for Miele in our online spares store but the range is limited to very popular Miele spares. Many spares are made exclusively for Miele or in some cases by Miele themselves so there is no alternatives available and Miele will be the only source for these spares.

  Miele Service & Repairs

As above many Miele machines can now only be serviced by a Miele service engineer with the appropriate diagnostic tools within a laptop that is only available to Miele service engineers.

So Miele can, pretty much, only be serviced by Miele and this has never been truer than on the current appliances. Since 1996 Miele have been using computer diagnostics and, without Miele's own servicing software and a laptop some servicing is just impossible to do. In some cases we are now being told that error codes cannot even be cleared (even if the fault is rectified) without a call from a Miele engineer. This would be okay if it wasn't for the price of Miele's service with most calls costing in excess of £100!

So, although they don't break down very often they are extremely expensive to repair when they do break down and, you have virtually no option to use Miele's own service which means that you have no choice as a customer.

Forget getting so much as a wiring diagram from Miele, they will not supply trade or public with any technical information at all. You have almost no chance of a DIY or low cost repair, your only choice will be to call in Miele at whatever they see fit to charge.

We see this as being highly restrictive, stifling open competition in both the repairs and spare parts areas as well as virtually killing, stone dead, any chance of reusing Miele products through refurbishment making that next to impossible due to the restrictions.

  Miele Rating & Review

You can find out how we determine these rating in this article explaining how we put this together in as easy way possible for people to understand quickly.

Miele could score much better here if they were to open up a bit on technical support, spare parts and look at making some of the parts more sensibly priced.

Miele market share
Small UK market share
Miele has a small UK market share overall but, in the area it operates in, it's dominant
Brand kudos
Very well known in the industry and the public
Miele is a very well known brand in the industry and with the public
Miele appliance pricing
Not cheap but good
Miele isn't cheap but the quality is far superior to most mass market products so it's reasonable, until you look at aftercare
Good quality levels
Good quality levels generally however some comments have been made that the lower cost Miele's are not as good as once they were
Repair rating
Not well regarded for repairs
Many repairers while they love the quality, will not repair them due to the lack of technical support and high spares costs
Repairer support
Miele service might fix them but, it's quite likely not many others will
Miele service will repair them but at a premium cost and it's quite likely not so many others will or even be able to
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair these Viscount products as there is no information or spare parts available
Not so easy to DIY repair Miele products as there is no technical information or spare parts available and many require specialist equipment to program you cannot get
Spare parts availability
Some spare parts available from major suppliers
Some spare parts available from major suppliers but no supporting information
Spare part pricing
Very limited, very expensive
Very limited and very expensive is the only way to put it
Environmental rating
Good environmental credentials
Miele would score here just because the applainces will last longer but lose a bit due to extortionate spare part prices and lack of support out of warranty

Overall Rating

Our advice, avoid this one!
Great products, good build quality and they will last, so long as they never break down as if they do, expect a big bill to fix it


Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault advice on any Miele appliance as the tehnicians will not see the request here. Please use the forums where more help may be available and is a completely free service. However it is important to note that Miele operate a "closed shop" with technical information and this may limit the help that is available.

Not a Great Brand for me!
We spent over £1k on one of their lip of the line machines and hated it from word go. The detergent drawer had to be sellotaped shut or it rattled loud enough to wake the dead! The cleaning granules had to be bought - at an arm and a leg - from Germany. Boy did this machine STINK! I sent it off to landfill years before the warranty was up. Now have wonderful fresh smelling - instead of musty - from my Samsung Washer Drier.
Also have a Miele fridge freezer that I hate. The top drawer cavity has never fitted right and you have to repeatedly ram in the top drawer to allow the door to seal properly - rotating the drawers doesn’t help so definitely cavity related.
The fridge fan system - to distribute cool air evenly is miffy- doesn’t work most of the time.
The freezer fan runs 24/7 - running costs are astronomical.
Customer service a joke - hours on hold on the phone, returned emails and don’t respond to Social Media.
Never again for me!!

tony symons
Washing machine miele w 827 shows inlet fault, water pressure is good and inline filters clean. any help on solution
Lesley Sands
Hi my mile washer honeycomb drum has a hole caused with an object left in a pocket. any suggestions on repair.
jenni ku
My Miele dishwasher HG 01 G643 VI , Nr 24/53560296.I have problem to switch the programme touch pads on, as the screws that hold the Control panel on the , near the touch pad are all loose,and there is no threads to tighten them up. Do i need a new control panel?
how much to buy software for miele servicing and diagnostic ?
manuela achilleos
soap dispencer for miele wt2670
I agree that Miele Domestic Appliances are very expensive.Others prefer buying cheap appliances sacrificing quality.If I would have to choose quality vs price.i would prefer quality.
Sal Daji
I have a Miele Novotronic T650c. Not had a days problem with it for the last 10 years. But the door will not close now. Whatever hold the door closed whn you close it must have broken, bent or snapped. Any ideas if this is simple enough to repair. I do employ a maintanace chap who knows all sorts. But i dont know if it is just a clip or not. Csn smebody please help me. Thankyou.
I concur with all you've said about Miele. I worked for Miele for several years in their head office. The attention to detail on the products are unsurpassed in the industry. An investment in Miele,is money well spent. As you can imagine, I refitted my whole kitchen out with Miele appliances (and vacuums) and apart from a new Washing Machine door seal since 2002 I've not had a single problem with anything. Although when they do go, it'll be a stuggle to replace them.
ben lewinstein
how much to buy motor for miele S514 canister vacuum cleaner

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