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The Terim brand name is appear to actually owned by a company called Fratelli Onofri and the brand tends to reside in the cheaper end of the market, probably largely due, like many others, to being not a well known name in appliances.

Terim company logoFrom what we can gather Terim cookers, hobs and ovens have been sold through various outlets over the past few years pretty much as a budget brand. To be fair, for the cheap prices they actually seem reasonable in that arena but at the price levels do not expect outstanding quality or performance.

Like most appliances produced to a budget features and the quality of materials and components used tend to be lessened to save on price.

At this time service is an unknown in the UK for the actual brand.

  Terim Spare Parts

Spares for Terim cookers are definitely worth a mention here as they were fairly easily available and, for the most part, the spares were also pretty reasonably priced. Of course there are the odd exceptions to that rule, but most spares that are regularly used such as elements and door hinges are okay on price, certainly more reasonable than many others.

That said the one fly in the ointment here is that, if spares are in the UK then there's no issue with them however, if they have to come from Terim in Italy the lead times are just insane at times. Some spares we have waited on for, quite literally, in excess of six months!

We don't have many issues with Terim or obtaining Terim spare parts other than the extensive lead times as above.

  Terim Servicing & Repairs

Official UK arrangements for service are currently unknown.

Many repairers on the engineer search service will happily repair Terim cookers.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Terim appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help will be available on Terim.

i am live in kuwait, i have 10 years gas cooker we need spare parts from kuwait model no Terim T960 S please replay me.
Sanjay Jude
I am using Terim cooking range for almost 17 years. As the vessels were getting blacked I got it service by a local technician. But I need to replace the metal/bronze top of the burners. Where can I get it in Oman. Who is the dealer.
Where can I get spare for my terim oven in Madinha, KSA. Thanks
Hi,Where can I get spare for my terim oven in Madinha , KSA
paul george
where can i get the spare parts for Terim Termo42W oven in Dubai , United Arab Emirates
mohamed ramees
dear sir i have one gas cooker door and glass damage me need chinge so wer get this parts in qatar
Mrs. Ansari
Hi, I live in Pakistan and I have a terim oven. It's almost 13 years old. I need to change the thermostat of the oven because it doesn't function properly. The flame gets high and love it self and I don't get good result of baking. Kindly help me with this issue. I need a genuine part for my cooking range. Thank you

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