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Stoves has been manufacturing cooking products on Merseyside since 1920. The company specialises in making products that are tailored to meet the needs British customers, and offers a full range of built-in, freestanding and range cookers in all fuel types and configurations.

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In an industry that has traditionally seen little by the way of innovation, Stoves has received a series of high-profile awards, including Millenium Product status for its Rotostar gas technology and the Prince of Wales Medal for Range cooker design.

  Stoves Retail Position

As with GDHA, Stoves appliances are best described as mid-range products in general terms. Some cookers, such as Genus, are slightly innovative and do therefore command a price premium.

  Stoves Spare Parts

Most Stoves spares are relatively easy to get but can be a complete pain to identify. 

To find a spare part you need the model number and, in many cases now, the engineer number, production code or serial number as well. Sometimes without those you will almost certainly get the wrong part.

For the most part though spares are okay price wise and availability wise and we do stock most of the commonly used Stoves spares in our online store from this link.

  Stoves Service

As with other GDHA Group products service is carried out by the GDHA employed workforce, it isn't cheap.

Service quality should be high from Glen Dimplex as they do carry lots of stock on their vans.

When you call Glen Dimplex for service outside of warranty, according to reports we've had, they will route you to a warranty company who will try to sell you onto a maintenance contract for a monthly fee. The offer will seem tempting but it is actually expensive when you add it up but you can find out more about this from this article and make your own mind up, at least you will be informed.

Alternatively, out of warranty servicing offers you up other options.

The independent engineers are liable to repair any New World appliance cheaper and more quickly that Glen Dimplex and, you don't have to deal with a call centre trying to sell you onto a never ending maintenance contract. You can search for an approved appliance repair company using our engineer search facility completely free.

Of course if you choose to service your New World appliance yourself you have to appreciate that there is little to no servicing information available publicly. In fact, there's very little service information available outside of Glen Dimplex themselves but then, they are going to promote their own service and try to protect that business.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help, diagnostics or fault advice on any Stoves appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where much more help will be available for faults etc.

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