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Gorenje is a relatively new name to the UK marketplace but it has been around for a while with it roots going back to the village of Gorenje in Slovenia to 1950 and is a company that appears to be more forward thinking than many others in some regards.

The company has now three main divisions dealing with different aspect of where Gorenje's interests lie and these are:

Gorenje household appliances division

Manufacture and sale of household appliances of its own production, sale of products from the complementary program of household appliances of other manufacturers, sale of additional program of home electronics and small household appliances, and the manufacture and sale of heating-thermic appliances. Tool-making, manufacture of machinery and mechanical components.

Home interior division

Manufacture and sale of kitchen and bathroom furnishings, bathroom fittings and ceramic tiles.

Trade and services division

Energy management and environmental protection, trade, engineering, agency services, restaurant and catering services, tourism and real estate management.

Gorenje Swarovski fridge freezer
The outrageous (and outrageously priced) Swarovski fridge freezer

Obviously our focus is on the household appliances but it does show that Gorenje is a large company if little known by it's name here in the UK and elsewhere.

Whilst exports by Gorenje started in the 1980's to the UK it was primarily "branded" products that were produced. Many cookers, hobs and ovens during the period were in fact Gorenje and even today many products are made for others under their own label brands. For example, the Smeg "retro" fridge range is in fact produced by Gorenje with the doors and asthetics by Smeg and they produce or have produced many other appliances sold under the Bosch, Smeg, Panasonic and other well known brands.

The group now owns the Atag brand, Asko and a few others as well including Mora, Pelgrim, Etna, Körting and Sidex.

  Gorenje Market Position

Gorenje products in the UK are often pretty competitively priced which is of course a polite way of saying, cheap. This is likely mainly due, we expect, to the lack of any sort of brand awareness of it's main rivals. Ask most people on the street if you know who Gorenje is and they wouldn't have a clue, ask people to pronounce the name off a card and very few would get it correct (it is pronounced "gor-en-ya" in case you wondered) so very few people outside the industry know of them in the UK at least.

However Gorenje is a business that is over sixty years old, even if you've never heard the name before. Below is a short video on the company.


There's not really a lot of information on the washers so far other than that access to the tub unit is restricted. Cooking products are okay but nothing outstanding, but it's hard to mess up in the price ranges in which Gorenje operate, however the ovens etc. are okay in the main if not outstanding.

Refrigeration is hit and miss, but again generally it's okay. There have in the past been reported issues with the retro machines with cabinet rigidity and door sealing, don't think about one if you have an uneven floor!

The Gorenje Ora Ito oven door
The Ora-Ita oven, love it or hate it

However Gorenje does its utmost to get attention through press campaigns, design awards and some whacky products in order to ensure people have heard of them. Many products seem to be targeted to getting some design award or a certain "wow!" factor but that very few kitchens would be able to accommodate in the real world. But, if your kitchen happens to look like the interior of a nightclub then Gorenje may be just the thing for you.

To be fair however, at least Gorenje are trying new things whilst many others just put out the same old boring boxes.

On the whole about the best we can say is that the appliances "aren't too bad" given the price limitations that are foisted on the brand and the general market conditions.

Trade opinion is, frankly, divided on Gorenje as some like them, some don't but most have little or no opinion on the make which, you would suppose, means they're a little dull.

  Gorenje Spare Parts

Spares pricing seems on a par with most volume manufacturers, not cheap but in this case not excessive either. Once again, it's indifferent.

That said some Gorenje spares prices are actually very reasonable indeed, positively cheap in some cases. It appears to us that some UK importers may be adding on a bit more than they perhaps ought to when it comes to Gorenje spare parts.

You will find many common Gorenje spares listed in our online spares store and any that are not listed we can order as required without trouble. Lead times can vary depending on where the components have to come from.

  Gorenje Service

Technical support in the UK is pretty much non-existent with most technical inquiries having to be referred back to Slovenia and this has caused service delays. However this situation has been improved in recent years.

Service was carried out through Independent Service (ISDAL) who also distributed spares to the trade for Gorenje products and, as ISDAL are helpful enough to most independent engineers getting access to spares and technical support is not a huge problem until the collapse of the HI Group. Gorenje however are a nice company to deal with and are trying to sort out the mess from the collapse.

There are also some retailers that offer what is known as "seller service" in that the retailer also services the appliances.

In the main there are little issues with service for Gorenje products.

Almost any of the independent appliance repair companies will take on repair work for Gorenje products and you can find an approved service engineer using our engineer search facility completely free.

  Gorenje Key Contacts

Official website/email: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Official telephone support: 0844 557 9000

Unofficial technical support:

Retail spare parts supply: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Primary trade only supplier (where available): Masterpart/CDSL

Address : 27-37 St. George's Road, London SW19 4EU

  Gorenje Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Gorenje washing machines and other products.

Gorenje market share
Not enough information on Gorenje market share so it is small  
Brand kudos
Not a well known brand in the industry
Gorenje is not a very well known brand to the general public but is well known in the industry
Gorenje appliance pricing
Budget to mid market and reasonable pricing  
Higher range products much better than the lower range budget models  
Repair rating
Most Gorenje appliances present few challenges  
Repairer support
Information for Gorenje appliances is pretty good  
DIY repair rating
Many easy to DIY repairs are possible on Gorenje products  
Spare parts availability
Multiple suppliers means spares are usually fairly easy to get  
Spare part pricing
A lot of Gorenje spare parts are surprisingly cheap  
Environmental rating
Not a lot of information on Gorenje's environmental policies but they are aware and trying to get better  

Overall Rating

Gorenje rating and review
Gorenje is a good solid mid range buy although we would avoid the lower specified and poorer build models but, good spare availability, pricing and backup make Gorenje a decent buy

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Gorenje appliance as the repairers will not see your request here. Please use the forums where more help will be available and is a completely free service.

Steve Mayoh
Fault codes? Four LED flashes on a Gorenji Washing Machine?Any ideas?
Steve Mayoh
Washing machine faultLED flashes 4 times, this is a code for what fault, anyone know?
Terrible customer service when needing a repair. Would not recommend the gorenje brand to anyone
I purchased a Gorenje retro fridge. Avoid this company: shoddy products (the first fridge they delivered did not cool), Stalinist customer service (we are saddled with a fridge they do not want to replace 'just because') and Byzantine organisation where no-one is responsible for anything. Do not buy anything from Gorenje.
hello! i need help! my hobs gorenje ecs 640 ax broken! need komputer! microsheme! can u tell me how much is cost! thamks!
Kenneth Watt
Hi Diane,If you ask in the forums one of the guys will probably know, the engineers don't usually see these comments.
Diane Copley
I have removed the filter on my dryer for cleaning, and I can't get it back in. Any clues

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