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Thomson Twin Tubs

Twin tubs are something that especially older people seem to look for as, with the way that modern appliances have gone, they look desperately inefficient in terms of energy use and water volume used when compared to a modern front loading washing machine.

In the nineties both Hotpoint and Hoover dropped the twin tubs and top loaders due to poor sales volumes in the UK and, people seeking a toploader where left with the option of a US one from Whirlpool or Maytag and twin tubs died. This was forced on them due to increasing production costs and falling sales volumes which made twin tubs and top loading washing machines seem very expensive compared to the newer front loaders.

However as a niche market some importers started to see an opportunity to import from the burgeoning Far Eastern suppliers who still use a lot of twin tubs and toploaders which, in some markets such as China and Japan, remain very popular as they seem to care less about the environmental arguments.

In the very late nineties and early 00's we started to see these Eastern imports reach UK shores under a few own label brands.

  Thomson Retail Position

When you consider that at their death a good top loading washing machine cost well over £400 and a twin tub not far off that then these new ones, mainly from China, at under £300 seem a bargain on the face of it. There's just one catch, the quality is nothing short of dire and the performance will not even come close to that of an old Hoover or Hotpoint machines.

If you track the old Hotpoint and Hoover machine with inflation only, never mind adding any features, they would easily cost over £600 in today's money, more than double these cheap Chinese efforts.

So, even at the best part of £300 these things don't really represent real value in our opinion as you can by a far more efficient and cheaper to run front loading washing machine for the same money and, in comparison to what has gone before they are as cheap as chips, but then so is the build.

So, our advice is simple, don't waste your money on one.

  Thomson Spares Pricing & Service

What spares and what support? There is none that we can find!

Should you choose to buy one of these machines this is pretty much the reality of aftersales position so far as the repairers are concerned with very few having any experience with them at all and, those that have, most often not wishing to see another.

  Thomson Rating & Review

You can find out how we determine these rating in this article explaining how we put this together in as easy way possible for people to understand quickly.

Thomson market share
Tiny UK market share, thankfully some might say
Tiny UK market share, thankfully some might say
Brand kudos
Largely unknown in the industry let alone with the public
Largely unknown in the industry let alone with the public
Thompson appliance pricing
Very cheap but, nasty by all accounts
Very cheap but, nasty by all accounts and they look like rebadged Chinese efforts
We do not expect good quality levels at all sadly
We do not expect to find good quality levels at all sadly
Repair rating
No feedback to form any opinion, we don't know if they are even any repairs carried out on these machines
Repairer support
No info
We are unaware of any repair support
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair these Viscount products as there is no information or spare parts available
Not so easy to DIY repair these products as there is no information or spare parts available
Spare parts availability
No spare parts available from any major suppliers
No spare parts available from any major suppliers
Spare part pricing
None found to form any opinion
None found to form any opinion
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Viscount's environmental policies
No information on Thompson's environmental policies

Overall Rating

Our advice, avoid this one!
These look like cheap Chinese market washers rebadged and adapted for sale in the UK. We wouldn't buy one, you shouldn't either and if you have and it's broken, throw it away and start again.


Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Thomson washing machine as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help might be available but don't hope for too much.

HiI am trying to locate a buffer seal for Hoover Twin tub washing machine T3600R which I believe is the same as a certain Daewoomodel.Is there any hope anywhere.Help!Thanks David
R Chapman
Thompson Twin tub modelX11.1 I have tried to get in touch withTEW.Worcester byphone and email with no luck.Ithink the wash timer switch is faulty as it does not switch on. IF any one gets this email PLEASE get contact me by this email or 01729-823900. R.Chapman.

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