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Ge company logoGE's website boasts that, "GE Consumer & Industrial's Appliances Division manufactures and sells home appliances, including refrigerators, freezers, ranges, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, speed cooking ovens, room air conditioners, and water filtration, softening and heating systems. In addition, the business offers the largest manufacturer's service organization in the appliances industry. GE Consumer Services employs a nation-wide fleet of vans to provide prompt, quality service on all Monogram®, GE Profile Performance, GE Profile, GE®, Hotpoint® and RCA appliances."

But GE is one of those brands that here, in the UK and the rest of Europe, we seem to almost forget even exist. I would think that this is mainly down to the fact that the appliances that GE make are more or less specifically targeted at the US market and not orientated toward European consumers or kitchens.

However GE have been around for a long, long time in appliances and on refrigeration at least, have started to make a slow appearance in the UK market.

For example GE's ovens and laundry products are typical US fare, inefficient by European standards and too big and bulky for most European kitchens to accommodate. So much so that currently there appears to be no European presence for GE as a company.

So how come we can buy GE fridges in the UK then?

Ah well, that's an easy mystery to solve. GE refrigeration was actually brought into the UK by a third party distributor, LSY, who distribute the GE refrigeration and some air conditioning products in the UK until around the end of 2009, Some was seen under the Britannia banner, but that seems to have died off and more recently Glen Dimplex appear to be distributing GE Appliances for the UK, probably a part of the deal with GE and Glen Dimplex to work on smart grid products, notably heating products.

Rumours abound however that GE were to pull out of the European market entirely in 2013. Which they did and whether we will see the brand again in Europe is presently not known.

In 2014 however the GE applaince brand was to have been bought by Electrolux an that deal fell through dramatically. GE's Appliance division was then snapped up by the Chinese company Haier.

What the future holds for GE is uncertain. 

A typical GE American fridge freezer

  GE Market Position

GE refrigeration (which is the only bit we're interested in here) isn't exactly what you would call cheap, but it is good solid engineering with an excellent pedigree and it certainly isn't priced out of this world. Let's put it another way, the GE prices haven't been slashed to ribbons along with the quality as we've seen being the case with some other brands.

So far as we know, as we haven't tested a GE in quite some time ourselves and all we can go on is engineer feedback, is that the range seems pretty robust and well built without many problems being experienced and certainly none that would give any rise for concern.

After market failures wise there's likewise little to report that would give much cause for concern. The only fly in the ointment is servicing really.

What GE products will be or, be like after Electrolux take full control is anyone's guess but, for Europe, we would expect no more than rebrands of other Electrolux product.

  GE Spare Parts

GE spares, due to the recent turbulent history can, in the UK at least, present a challenge to obtain often with long lead times and high prices. Couple this with limited stocks and it doesnt' paint a pretty picture.

It's a shame as the actual machines themselves are really very good in our opinion, certainly the American fridge freezers stand miles above the competition from Korea and Turkey in terms of quality. It really is a great shame that the brand is let down by spares and service.

As Glen Dimplex now distribute the products we assume that they will also have access to spares but, that might not be entirely good news as Glen Dimplex aren't renowned for being helpful unless their own employed engineers are calling.

For the older GE washing machines, cookers and dishwashers they were all variants of Hotpoint and Creda machines (as GE owned Hotpoint at the time) so spares for all the legacy products are easily available from our online spare parts store or, as much as is still available barring the odd few parts that we haven't listed.

  GE Service

As above service was in the hands of Glen Dimplex who run their own team of employed service engineers so service should be okay in terms of quality but, it could prove expensive.

Many of the independent repairers will repair GE products and you can find an approved repairer using our free engineer search function and they will often have much lower labour costs than the likes of Glen Dimplex. Older GE products were often just re-badged Hotpoint built machines or Creda cookers and almost none of the independent engineers will have any trouble repairing those.

  GE Key Contacts

Official website/email: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Official telephone support: No Longer Available

Unofficial technical support:

Unofficial retail spare parts supply: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Primary trade only supplier (where available): None

Address : Not available (UK)

  GE Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair GE fridge freezers and other products.

GE market share
Not enough information on GE UK market share  
Brand kudos
Good brand reputation in the industry
GE is a fairly unknown brand in the UK and much better known in its native USA
GE appliance pricing
Good prices for the products on offer mainly  
Reasonable quality but some problems on later American fridge freezers  
Repair rating
Not enough repair information to rate GE fridge freezers or other appliances  
Repairer support
Little if any information is available to repairers for GE appliances  
DIY repair rating
Many repairs can be challenging for DIY repair  
Spare parts availability
No official spare part support that we can find from any suppliers  
Spare part pricing
Spare prices have increased considerably since LSY left Europe  
Environmental rating
Not enough information on GE's environmental policies fully but they are active in teh area  

Overall Rating

Good appliances let down by poor distribution
GE appliances and, especially the American fridge freezers were our go-to choice after Admiral morphed into Whirlpool but, sadly, GE has all but vanished from UK shores now. And, where you can get one, spares and service are restricted as well as being expensive.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or fault finding advice on any GE appliance as the repair technicians will not see your request here. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a free service.

Sounds like someone's has a bee in their bonet or more likely you are a competitor a bit liablous mentioning names on the net when their is no prove of this funny i think you are the same person who has put up similar reviews about other companies so i suggest no one takes any notice of poor Timothy probably just some troll.
Had problems with my GE profile fridge freezer, having had 3 companies look at it and telling me different things i managed to find Apex Refrigeration, these guys are the pro's fixed it first time that was 6 months ago and it still is working well, by the way i had ags out as well not impressed.
Stephen brinkman
Hi I need a American fridge freezer fixed monologue GE ice machine feed leaks needs replacing I code HP2 4 NA Leverstock green herts
Kenneth Watt
Hi,Try the engineer search feature to find a local repairer
Stephen brinkman
Hi, I have a Ge American fridge freezer I need someone to come out and repair it.i live in st.albans herts uk.
Chers for the info regarding agsrefrigeratio n they have been servicing them for years on the behalf of GE we called them out and they got our fridge up and running it appears we had a faulty fan motor which they replaced.
Kenneth Watt
Hi Emily,No they are separate parts and the evaporator will require the unit to be regassed and therefore you cannot do a DIY repair on that
had numerous problems with my ge fridge freezer and a few engineers from different companies none could solve problem which seemed to be intermitent lights flicking on and off no water etc however lucky for me i managed to get hold of someone who use to worked for ge he came and solved the problem which was a faulty wiring connection and not a circuit board fault has i had been quoated by the other companies. Its been a couple of months now and no problems. If your in the london area and having trouble finding someone decent give them a call ags refrigeration

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