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Let's start with a simple comment to get any confusion about where we are on Sebo vacuum cleaners out the way.

We love Sebo vaccum cleaners, they are simply, so far as we are concerned, the best vac you can possibly buy by a considerable margin.

Sebo logoThere are several reasons for this virtually unconditional recommendation the main ones being that Sebo cleaners do what they say, do it very, very well. Work and, keep on working. And, when they eventually do break they are economical to repair, vacuum cleaners that are actually worth repairing.

But there's more to the humble Sebo vacuum cleaner than that. They provide a good warranty as well and the prices, while higher than the usual rubbish Hoovers and whatnot out there, aren't silly. For the price of a Dyson you can have a Sebo and we'd have the Sebo every single time, a long time before we bought a Dyson!

  Sebo History

Sebo's first upright model, the Sebo 350, went on sale in 1978 and featured the first built on hose and the first use of electrostatic filters. It also was the first upright to incorporate a clutch protected, timing belt driven, brush.

In 1982, Sebo introduced duo-P carpet cleaning powder which works very well. Way, way before Dyson Zorb ever appeared on the market.

In 1986 Sebo were the first company to make upright vacuum cleaners with electronic brush control and safety shut off.

The built on hose with integrated wand was introduced in 1991.

Today you can see the development of high technologies in the Sebo automatic X range. S-Class electrostatic microfiltration, a telescopic hose system, computer controlled height adjustment with auto safety shut-down, cassette style brush roller removal, permanent timing belts, and three layer bags for totally hygienic dust disposal.

  Sebo Bags & Filters

Yes, Sebo use bags.

Yes, this costs money.

We accept that and we know that some people will see this as a downside but, really, it isn't. Some people might even say that we would try to sell these cleaners as we sell the bags as well. And, on the face of it you may be forgiven for being cynical and thinking that way.

But, before you run off and by a Dyson (which we don't rate), hear us out.

It really isn't anything to do with the cost of bags as, even on a bagless cleaner there are still costs on consumables like filters. Sure, you can buy one with so-called washable filters but, after a year or so, we find they clog and you have to replace them anyway. Plus, it's a hassle to do and a hassle to remember to do it. Forget to clean the filters on a bagless cleaner and it's toast, the motor will burn out.

Bagged cleaners, like Sebo on the other hand, perform brilliantly out the box, continue to do so and get a whole new lease of life when you replace the bag and filter, it's like having a new cleaner all over again as the whole filtration system is purged.

We have never, ever, come across a cleaner that performs better than a Sebo. It really is that simple.

You will also find that professional cleaners as well as any of the repairers and dealers that do vacuum cleaners will almost universally tell you the same thing, buy bagged, buy a Sebo.

  Where To Buy A Sebo

There's loads of places you can get a Sebo and, most Sebo dealers will even demonstrate the cleaner for you. You can find a comprehensive list of those on Sebo's website.

We sell a few online as friends and family kept asking us for them so we decided to make choosing one simple and make them available, at least the models we like the most like the K3 Premium which is, frankly, a brilliant, brilliant machine. We've sold a few over the past few years and asides from not one problem with them, the people that buy them have nothing but praise many moving from a bagless multi-coloured cleaner and now swearing that they'll never go back.

If you are in the market for a new cleaner, this the about the only one we will recommend without a moment's hesitation as they the best cleaners on the market, by miles.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical support or advice on any Sebo cleaner as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the appliance help and advice forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

Anna Welch
Sebo machine
I bought my Sebo about 1990. I have had it serviced a couple of times, simply because the lead got damaged by running it over , and then because it stopped. It has stopped again. I cant find a local appliance company that fix vacuums. I really like the Sebo, and feel stuck without it.
Well said! My parents had one for 13.5 years. Our old X1 Automatic is still going with only one drive belt replacement. I was never into the brand until I saw for myself the quality and ease of use as well as value for money. 7 to 10 dust bags for Miele's 4? Not all German brands are expensive to keep.

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