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Please note that we are not Bush and may not be able assist some enquiries regarding this make!

Argos have been issuing our number as a contact for Bush and we are not Bush!

Busch appliances logo

Bush appears to be an own label brand to be sold only through Argos or limited channels such as on Ebay, Amazon and suchlike but we think that the machines sold outside of Argos are either excess stock machines, end of line or reworked warranty returns.

Bush is effectively not a company that makes domestic appliances at all, merely a brand name that's printed onto some. And as far as we are aware the Argos parent company of Home Retail Group owns the brand name, they are solely responsible for it.

From what we can tell the machines themselves are all of Chinese and Turkish origin from the usual suspects. Some appear to be from Midea and a bunch from Vestel and Termikel and probably one or two more we've missed. Basically, as cheap as you can get and that will be reflected in both the quality of the products and the service.

Some of the field technicians that work or have worked on the machines, especially the cooking products, have not a good word to say for them. We can't tell you what they actually say as it's not fit for publication on a family friendly website but suffice to say, it's very bad. Total rubbish is probably about as close as we can get.

Backup appalling. Spares atrocious. We're sure you get the picture.

As the warnings above state clearly, despite that you may be told that we are a contact for Bush problems even from Argos, we are not a contact for Bush products.

Argos can't seem to understand it's their own label and that nobody else can do anything about any problems on the products bar them!

Another thing, Bush is not Bosch! Yeah, people have though Bush was Bosch and it most certainly is not.

  Bush Retail Position

Bush washing machine spare partsBudget, very firmly budget.

Make no mistake the washing machines are produced to hit a low price point and you cannot expect any decent durability or performance with only two models over £300 and with a clutch of them under £200.

We would suggest that if you are considering a Bush washing machine that you do so on the premise that it likely will not be of a very high quality and is unlikely to last long in normal family use. They may be fine for couples or single person households but we would not advise their use much beyond this.

Cooking products seem to be a mash up of Vestel and Termikel products. The field techs just say that some machines are the most horrid, cheap and nasty cookers that they have ever come across, with some even surprised that they can even be sold in the UK as they're that bad.

Cooling we are not so sure of but expect Vestel or Hisense Kelon to be used. Again, as cheap as can be and not all that good but, they are budget products.

There are plenty alternatives out there from the likes of Beko and many others that offer the same or better durability and products for about the same price as well as coming with better back-end support.

  Bush Spare Parts

No official spares arrangements are really known for certain.

We have managed to suss out some of the parts for Bush products but it is often a case looking up every one each time to be sure that the parts are correct and they can be expensive relative to the low cost of the products in store.

Spare parts for many of the Bush machines we can now source, often cheaper than elsewhere however there are still a number that prove difficult if not impossible to get. The best thing to do and, it allows us time to cross reference and try to source lower prices, is to email us the model information and we will do our best to help you.

Doing that may save you a small fortune, it's not uncommon for us to be half the price and in some cases less than other suppliers we've seen for Bush parts.

If parts are no stock in the UK though expect lengthy delays.

As with service below, spare parts are also handled by multiple companies so, it's a nightmare to work out where to get anything let alone actually get a part!

  Bush Service And Repairs

Current service is unknown although we suspect it's a mixture of employed and sub-contract engineers through a national call handling agency. Given that the products are usually Vestel made we would imagine that much of the service would be handled by JTM Contracts or 0800 Repair.

However Vestel and Termikel can also be serviced by either Minerva Services or First4Service also from about the end of 2015 onwards.

It is therefore the case that we cannot even tell you who to call to get one repaired other than persisting with Argos as, it could be any one of several third party servicing companies depending on what product it is you have an issue with.

Out of warranty servicing is possible but lack of spares can cause an issue. Not many, if any, spare parts are listed with the major spares distributors.

  Bush Appliances Key Contacts

Official website/email:

Official telephone support: 0345 257 7271

Unofficial technical support: (May be limited)

Unofficial retail spare parts supply:

Primary trade only supplier (where available): None

Address : Not Available

  Bush Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Bush appliances. You can find out more about how we work out the ratings here

Bush market share
Not enough information on Bush market share  
Brand kudos
Not a great brand reputation in the industry
Bush is a fairly well known brand in the UK to both trade and public
Bush appliance pricing
Not enough information  
Not enough information to rate the quality of Bush  
Repair rating
Not enough repair information to rate Bush appliances  
Repairer support
Little if any information is available to repairers for Bush appliances  
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair Bush appliances due to lack of technical and spares  
Spare parts availability
No official Bush spare part support that we can find from any suppliers  
Spare part pricing
Not enough demand or information to comment  
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Bush's environmental policies  

Overall Rating

Not enough information on the Arda brand to offer a lot of opinion
Bush is a budget brand sold by Argos and is merely rebranded products, usually at the lower end of the quality ladder and price. Not recommended.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Bush washing machine or other Bush appliances as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where much more help may be available but for Bush machines, don't count on it.

Bush Diswaher DWINT125
The Dishwasher Heating Element failed one year and three weeks after purchase so, just three weeks outside warranty.....

The call out charge fee for an Argos approved engineer (plus parts) cost more than the original dishwasher purchase price.

Cheap & Nasty is what comes to mind: Says a lot about the Sainsburys/ Argos brand - best avoided, not good value and best avoided.

Bush mobile phone
It happened that my Bush mobile phone battery gone dead, looked for the replacement battery on all possible sites, asked in every repair shop, it is NOT possible to find the battery for Bush mobile phone, will never recommend to get this mobile phone brand, nice design but practically it went horribly wrong, as a result I lost all pictures and contacts I had in this phone.
Bush products
How on earth can comments be made against Bush products when not enough feedback is available on this site, I can tell you for a fact that even higher market brand mBosch are an awful product, overpriced, spares expensive, not easy to work on etc etc, This is from hands on experience. Get your facts correct before slating a product make, I notice fridge freezers are not particularly mentioned.

AE66DCW Cooker
My cooker inside light does not come on despite it is not broken and the cooker red light does not come on and the heaters don\'t come on. One fault (internal cooker light) suggests a function control switch fault and the other fault (red light / elements cold) suggest the Thermostat problem. Can anyone help please


I have a bush dishwasher DWFS126s and need the bottom door rubber including plastic fixing strip and screws as screws have rusted and fell out causing rubber to get caught in door and break. are you able to source? thank you
B Ahmad
Bush washing Machine
I bought Bush washing machine from Argos 2.5 years ago and lost its receipt.
Now it’s broken down and I want to know about its manufacturing warranty. Please let me know ASAP.

j murray
bush ceramic hob cooker
I bought a Bush free standing cooker from Argos, during the first year I called Argos to complain that the enamel round the hob was cracking and felt rough to the touch. They told me that enamel on cookers was not guaranteed. This cooker is now 2 years old and the enamel has all blistered and cracked, and looks rusty. I need a new cooked, and cannot understand that it never even lasted 1 year. Will never purchase a Bush item again, and will not buy from Argos again.
Tim cooper
Bush oven AE6BFs

The brackets connecting the inner and outer doors broke when I was trying to clean my Bush AE6BFS oven. Are you able to source a complete door? I\'ve found outer and inner doors separately but the collective cost is basically the same as a new oven.



henry tonks
faulty cooker thermostat
I brought a bush cooker bcl100dfb just over a year ago so warranty now over. but the thermostat in the fan oven has failed I have tried many outlets but they do not recognise the bush type nos etc. can anyone recommend how to solve my situation.
HI Henry,

That is a Termikel made product that are, bluntly, a total nightmare to get parts for presently as no mainstream parts outlets carry parts.

We have tried (repeatedly) to get access to those parts and, eighteen months on after being promised access to them, we are still waiting despite numerous attempts.

Argos, so far as we know, are aware of the issue. Termikel is aware. The service company that carry out warranty repairs know.

None have done a thing about the situation.

I think that tells a story and will inform you of the level of care that you might expect.

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