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Kenwood Appliances

The Kenwood appliance brand was bought by Delonghi in 2001 along with the Ariete brand name and led to many of the range cookers that were sold being referred to as Kenwwod Elba and they are in effect and own label brand now.

This brand is not to be confused with the Kenwood small appliance brand or the Kenwood audio company as these are not related to the large appliance business.

  Kenwood Market Position

Largely it appears that whilst Delonghi owned Elba they produced in the UK under the Kenwood, Delonghi and Elba brand names with Kenwwod appearing to be an exclusive branding for the Currys chain of electrical stores. Quality appears therefore secondary to meeting retail price points and, like Elba, some quality and features were sacrificed in order to meet retailer demands detracting from what was otherwise not bad products.

Kenwood appears to have been used as a "lower price point" product and we have seen many Chinese made dishwashers and other products sold.

  Kenwood Service

At the time of writing service was in place through a network of independent subcontract engineers controlled through repaircare.

Most of the independent repair companies will have little trouble in repairing a Kenwood appliance through our engineer search and, in fact, many of the companies that are employed by repaircare can be found there.

  Kenwood Spare Parts

Spares, like Elba, are easy enough to get in large part and reasonably priced mostly. We carry stock of most commonly used spares for Kenwood cookers and built in ovens.

As spares are easily available and the cookers and oven not especially complex, almost any of the repairers will offer repair services on these products.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical assistance or advice on any Kenwood cooker or another appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where more help will be available and is a completely free service.

ian phillips
Kenwood KDW243A Dishwasher
We have the fault code E1 showing and the plates removed are still very wet. Any advice please?
Dont' bother
Our KSBSX17 fridge/freezer packed up after 7 months.. now I find out Kenwood is not even the real Kenwood we all think we're buying.. plus all these fridges are packing up.. heaven knows how long till they come fix it..
Darren Patterson
Kenwood KSBSX17 America style fridge freezer
I have a KENWOOD KSBSX17 American-Style Fridge Freezer.
The freezer is not working and shows Error code e4.
Help please?

Kenwood fridge freezer error code 4
My Kenwood fridge freezer has also got E4 and when the engineer came, the fan was very loose, therefore waiting for parts.
What happened to yours?

John Shuttlewood
Kenwood intergrated fridge freezers
What are the dimensions of the Kenwood KIFF5017 intergrated fridge freezers and more importantly, what are the minimum dimensions of the the unit they are to be installed into. Thank you for your anticipated help.

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