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Kuppersbusch is marketed as upmarket specialist kitchen appliances and, in large part, they were.

Like many specialist appliance producers however the company was bought by the Teka company ultimately in 1999 after having previously been partly owned by AEG. Involvement with AEG ceased in the early eighties as AEG slowly collapsed with financial problems and was ultimately bought by the Electrolux Group.

In 2011 rumours came to the surface that Teka, Kuppersbusch's parent company, was to pull out of the US market due to a general downturn with talk of the brand being pulled from other territories as well.

  Kuppersbusch Market Position

Kuppersbusch has remained an upmarket brand for many years both in it's domestic appliance sire and it's professional kitchen products and pricing follows this at the top end of the market.

The company has, in the past, used "sourced" products such as Electrolux produced laundry products and others for refrigeration products but largely the cooking products appear to be of their own design and build.

Viable alternatives to Kuppersbusch would include Smeg, De Dietrich, Miele, Bosch, Neff and others at the same level. We do not think that the premium pricing is wholly justified with many of the products, in particular the rebranded ones that are sold at much higher prices than the original manufacturer.

  Kuppersbusch Service

In warranty service is provided exclusively through a network of subcontracted engineers through repaircare as it is for many other brands.

Teka Kuppersbusch are not renowned for their friendliness towards engineers and technical information can be difficult to obtain if even possible. This makes life difficult for independent engineers such as those found on our engineer search to repair the appliances outside of the warranty period and you may find that service is restricted and hard to get due to this.

Servicing is therefore also liable to be expensive with little competition in the market for repairs allowed by the restrictions on technical support and high spare parts prices.

So far as we are aware and last we knew service was carried out by a company called Point to Places Ltd.

  Kuppersbusch Spare Parts & Servicing

Many spares are easy enough to acquire however DIY repairs are not recommended in many cases as spares can be very expensive and technical skills are required to replace them in a good many cases.

  Kuppersbusch Key Contacts

Official website/email: / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Official telephone support: 07775763851

Unofficial technical support: (May be limited)

Unofficial retail spare parts supply: Not Available

Primary trade only supplier (where available): Unknown

Address : Luton, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

  Kuppersbusch Ratings & Review

These key indicators are gathered from general opinion within the industry, spares availability with major trade spares distributors and general engineer's opinions alongside how many repairers are registered to repair Kuppersbusch appliances. You can find out more about how we work out the ratings here

Kuppersbusch market share
Not enough information on Essentials market share  
Kuppersbusch Brand kudos
Not a well known brand in the industry or with the public  
Kuppersbusch appliance pricing
Not enough information  
Kuppersbusch Quality
Not enough information to rate the quality of Essentials  
Kuppersbusch rating
Not enough repair information to rate Essentials appliances  
Repairer support
Little if any information is available to repairers for Essentials appliances  
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair Essentials appliances due to limited technical information and spares  
Spare parts availability
Only one oulet for spare parts and high prices  
Spare part pricing
Essentials spare part prices are difficult to obtain as supply is limited  
Environmental rating
Not enough information on Essentials' environmental policies  

Overall Essentials Rating

Not enough information on the Arda brand to offer a lot of opinion
Kuppersbusch range of appliance with limited support and limited supplies of spare parts outside of the warranty.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Kuppersbusch appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where more help may be available but possibly limited.

Jeremy Howard Matthews
PTP - Kuppersbusch Induction Hob
WARNING! DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! Charged me £156 call out fee. Engineer that called said that the exact same service direct with them would only be £80 . A left ring element was only needed but PTP quoted almost £400. The worst thing about all this is that the woman called Gill does not see fault with anything that she does. ... always has a bullshit answer for everything. They know they are robbing innocent people but lets be honest...they are never going to admit it! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
Well after reading some of the issues people are experiencing , and the crap aftercare service, I will be going elsewhere.
Graeme Puddick
Kuppersbusch after sales service
This makes very depressing reading,
I have had a problem with a Kuppersbusch oven for several weeks now, As I wanted to discuss my problem I have tried calling the Point To Places phone number many many times, as yet have never had anyone answer.
In desperation,
I decided to send Point to Point an email as their answerphone message had suggested. Guess what? they don\'t bother answering those either.
I can honestly say, I have never come across such an appalling aftercare service from any company in my entire life.

Hi Graeme, I\'m surprised at your message, I have sent you a servicer detail this morning who can help you. .I\'m sorry if i didn\'t answer the phone on Saturday but we do not work on the weekends, All emails are welcome over this time so i can pick them up Monday am. In the future if you could call or email during working hours this would be better so we can ensure your service goes smoothly and efficiently. Please do not be so quick off the mark to leave a negative feedback for a company without fully disclosing your position. Thank you
Awful PTP and Kupperbusch
DO NOT USE! Point to places have been diabolical at dealing with our broken dishwasher, charging us over £250 for an engineer who diagnosed the wrong problem and fixed a part of the machine that wasn\'t broken. PTP refuse to accept responsibility and we\'re over £250 down with still a broken machine! Slow replies and having to chase constantly.. avoid at all costs! Kupperbusch Germany ignored emails too.
Eloise Dishwasher
Hi Eloise, thank you for your message, The engineer attended and diagnosed the door lock as you said originally you were having problems with this as it had failed.
Report from Engineer : On second return : The engineer could only notice that the hinges are faulty when he put the decorative door on the appliance due to the extra weight the hinges had to manage ( he needed the plastic bracket in order to be able to fit the decorative door ). The hinge fault was not noticeable when the appliance was without the decorative door. Had the decorative door been on the appliance at the first visit it would have been easier for the engineer to fully diagnose.

The service covers two call outs by the engineer so a third would have been necessary to complete the repair. The plastic brackets which needed to be ordered from the first visit as these too were also damaged so the decor door could not be re hing on the first visit. A discount was offered to you on the parts for the ropes and springs but this was not accepted by yourself.

Call outs by engineers are 9/10 successful on the second visit, on the very few occasions the appliance does need extra parts. To successfully complete a repair the engineer could order all the parts so not to return but this would not be cost effective to the customer, very expensive and also dishonest. On Eloise\'s service a third call out would have been necessary. I have only been aware of three visits needed by an engineer twice in three years so this case is extremely rare. Thank you


My grievances with Point to Places Ltd are:

1. As said over many emails I am not an engineer and therefore couldn\'t have known that by not having the decorative door in place that we wouldn\'t get an accurate diagnosis of the problem. This should have been said from the first engineer visit, before we were told we had to spend over £100 on parts that were not required. Then we would have had the decision whether or not to go ahead with paying for further engineer visits. So it was all really misleading.

2. Your first invoice included congestion charge and when I asked about this you then found it wasn\'t necessary as I don\'t live in the congestion charging zone and your driver didn\'t need to go through it to access my property. It shouldn\'t just be assumed, as I could have paid the congestion charge along with the engineer visit total amount if I hadn\'t spotted it before paying.

3. Communication with you has been very slow and painful. Not very professional

Gill P2P
Eloise Dishwasher Service
Thank you for your message, The engineer didn\'t know that the parts were required until he attached the decor door as it was only claimed in the first instance the door lock was faulty. In the previous message he could have ordered all parts but if the hinges were not needed then you would have been charged for something that was not at fault.
The Congestion charge was written on an email to you as a rough estimate for the job when you emailed me so it wasn\'t included in any formal invoice. \"Congestion charge If needed \" was written in an email before i new where you lived.
I am sorry we have not been able to come to a conclusion with yourself. I can only hope you can see points from the engineers view when he arrives at a customers home for the first time to diagnose.

Don\'t even think of buying from Kuppersbusch
I have a KB hob with an ignition problem. I lodged a request for an engineer nearly 2 months ago. It is still not fixed and the aftercare is diabolical. They don\'t have the engineers, the customer service at PTP has to be chased all the time, and only when I copy the German team does any action take place, and then it all goes quiet again until I send yet another email. It\'s not as if this was a cheap product and you pay a premium for the so-called quality, which seems not to extend to the aftercare.
Update on hob. Over 3 months and not fixed. Kuppersbusch takes no responsibility for engineers on a list PTP will send. I called several and they didn\'t even fix hobs. Eventually one appeared, said the appliance would probably break if he tried to fix it, said the parts were difficult to get and advised me to get a portable igniter. Then I got a bill for £84. Gill Marsh PTP Kuppersbusch \"agent\" in the UK informs me in email that the £84 will include fixing (parts will be extra) but she hasn\'t even spoken to the gas servicer to confirm. Shortened version of longer saga, around 90 emails sent. Kupperbusch in Germany nervously backs off...they know there is a problem. Just don\'t buy it as there is no aftercare.

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