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V Zug

V-Zug Adorina washing machine

Most people have probably never heard of Verzinkerei Zug Ltd (V-Zug) but they are a Swiss company that has been around since 1913 producing exceptionally high quality domestic appliances.

V-Zug started with making washing machines in Switzerland in 1915, two years after the formation of the company although they are a relatively new brand into the UK market.

So far as we are aware V-Zug produce all their own products exclusively in Switzerland and do not outsource. They compete at the very top end of the domestic appliance market with products designed for a very long lifespan.

Many of the guys associate them with football players, we can't think why.

  V Zug Market Position

The only way to describe V-Zug's market position is right at the top, almost stratospheric in price and quality. This means, not cheap by any stretch.

V-Zug are actually priced higher than Miele and Asko and billed as being better and/or longer lasting than either of the two. This may be open to debate but, the quality of V-Zug is not open to question really, the appliances are painstakingly well built.

  V Zug Service & Spares

Service in the UK is delivered through a network of trained independent engineers and there are high levels of training and technical support for teh engineers. Outside of this, due to low sales volumes, little is known about the appliances.

Spares are an unknown quantity given the low volumes and very low usage of spares for V-Zug appliances.

Do not expect either to come cheap though. But, we'd hazard that if you can afford one of these machines, you probably won't care about the cost.

  Viscount Rating & Review

You can find out how we determine these rating in this article explaining how we put this together in as easy way possible for people to understand quickly.

V Zug market share
Tiny UK market share as a it is high quality niche product
Tiny UK market share as these are in the niche right at the top of the market
Brand kudos
Largely unknown in the industry let alone with the public
Largely unknown in the industry let alone with the public
V Zug appliance pricing
Not cheap but very good
V Zug ain't even remotely cheap but for the quality that you get, pretty darned good
Fantastic quality levels
Fantastic quality from what we have seen and heard of them and may even be better than Miele but, that comes at a price
Repair rating
High quality and technical so needs time spent to repair.
V Zug is a high quality and techncial product so will require time and knowledge to repair so, will not be cheap but, compared to the cost of replacement reasonable
Repairer support
Authorised agents might fix them but, it's quite likely nobody else will
Authorised agents might fix them but, it's almost certain that nobody else will
DIY repair rating
Not so easy to DIY repair these V Zug products as there is no information or spare parts avaialble
Not easy to DIY repair V Zug products as there is no information or spare parts avaialble outside the V Zug network that we can find
Spare parts availability
No spare parts available from any major suppliers
No spare parts available from any major suppliers
Spare part pricing
None found to form any opinion
None found to form any opinion but, don't expect cheap!
Environmental rating
Not enough information on V Zug's environmental policies
Being Swiss and high quality, supreme durability and long life V Zug come out well here. To do worse V Zug would need to be harvesting polar bears of something mad like that.

Overall Rating

Our advice, avoid this one!
V Zug only miss out one point from being a rare 5 star brand for limited technical information outside their own network. However as a product they are excellent quality and performance from all that we have seen although we've still to test the machines in daily use.

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