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Leisure Appliances

Leisure appliance company brand logo

Until 2002 the Leisure brand was a part of the AGA Group and aligned with the Rangemaster products when the brand was sold to Beko.

Please see articles on Flavel, Rangemaster and Beko for more information on the brand and how ownership has changed but now Leisure is effectivley an own label brand.

If you are looking at buying a Leisure cooker please see our range cooker buying advice and general cooker buying advice articles. All else will be rebranded product.

  Leisure Market Position

Since the brand was taken on by Beko the Leisure brand has been seemingly put above Beko in the pricing order, putting it into the lower mid market area but using much the same product behind the fascia as equivalent Beko models. In other words, you could buy exactly the same appliance with slightly different aesthetics and look for less by choosing a Beko variant instead.

  Leisure Service

As per other Beko owned brands, in-warranty service is carried out by a number of subcontracted service agents across the UK as well as Beko's own employed service technicians.

Outside of warranty, given that Leisure cookers and range cookers especially, will almost certainly be merely a badged Rangemaster or Beko the independent engineers on our engineer search will have little trouble in offering a cost effective repair service.

  Leisure Spare Parts

We carry a number of common spare parts for Leisure cookers and other appliances as they are, as per the above, mostly Rangemaster or Beko and therefore very common spares to use. Anything that is not listed simply contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be able to supply if the part you need is available.

As with spare parts for both Beko and Rangemaster, pricing is normally very good with little cause for complaint about the spares prices.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical support or fault advice on any Leisure cooker or another appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

I'm looking for two leisure name badges . Can you help please
g robinson
Liesure cookmaster double ovens 8 weeks old main oven not working.only used twice service engineer too idle to pull oven out and walks away saying inot lifting it over a half inch carpet beko not interested tell me I have to make it so he can get to the back of oven but I'm not supposed to move it as warranty will be void ,so I take units out so they can move it? No not willing to lift over carpet Beko still not interested tell them they will be charged for moving unit and moving oven out .still not interested how can you send one man to lift 97 kilos on his own ie health and safety so beko don't give. A dam about the work force or the Customer £1000 it cost beko thank for your. Money now. Piss off who gives a dam we got your money .THEY WILL BE BILLED for work carried out or it will be passed onto my solicitor g. Robinson
Sarah buckland
We are now on our second cooker in 3 weeks, the wife cooked a turkey last night. Today the oven is not holding its temputure and the Flane from gas mark 1-9 is the sameAdvise pls Martin buckland
Carmen Rueda
denise bushby
could you supply me with an oven burner, the rectangular metal bit with holes in for flame for a leisure cooker Alta 5901-001054, the cooker is 12 years old but in perfect order only the oven burner has worn out, thanks

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