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Siltal was an Italian manufacturer of washing machines, fridges, fridge freezer and freezers that manufacture a lot of OEM or own label brand appliances for many brands such as CDA, Baumatic, Caple and many others. You may never have heard of the Siltal name but we can assure you that there are a lot of Siltal products in the UK. that said, under it's own brand Siltal seems to be a rare sight in British kitchens.

Siltal was in existence since 1972 through to 2005.

The problem was that  Siltal were aimed at the very lower end of the spectrum focusing on price to offer these resellers decent mark ups. Essentially trading in the same space in the market that Antonio Merloni did with the Servis brand.

That led to the management deciding to close of its production centre in 2005, creating 425 redundancies after a painful period of restructuring.

The Siltal company was based in Milan, Italy. 

  Siltal Service

Ordinarily most of the importers would carry out their own service individually as most OEM products are bought without any warranty, so any appliances that you have that may have a "Siltal" on the rating plate will most likely not be able to be serviced by an official Siltal service.

Independent Service (ISDAL) carried out service on Siltal products until 2012 when the HI Group collapsed with no known service arrangements in place beyond this.

  Siltal Spare Parts

The good news here is that multiple brands use Siltal spare parts and, for the most part, they are generally not that expensive.

The bad news is that at times cross referencing the parts form one brand to another is a task made difficult, if not impossible by some brand owners. Even although, for example, two washing machines could be exactly the same bar some slight cosmetic alterations, it is all too often not possible to fathom what spares have been used on the particular brand's version.

Normally we can help with this and it is worth asking us to help as you can save a considerable amount of money on some spares by contacting up and allowing us to find the alternative part numbers and, that's often the only difference, the part number used.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Siltal appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help may be available and it is a completely free service.

Noor Ibrayeva
Siltal drying Machine
Hi ! I live in a rented appartment ! Siltal dryer is installed here, but no manuals or any other instructions! The red flashlight is on, but have no idea what this sign stand for? It’s SILTAL K201
Caroline murphy
Hi, I\'m searching for a left front door leg for a fridge freezer code Fi 9314/E its gross capacity is 267L. I have the serial number if this also helps. Thank you so much,
Hi Caroline

I cannot find any info on the model but if you can email a photo of the part to Dave on spares@ukwhiteg he may be able to recognise it and help you.

Chris Pound
We have been given a Siltal Fridge Freezer no model number but it has a blue circle and Class A in the top left hand corner. It isn't getting very cold. Not really sure if we are turning the knob the right way ie is 1 warmest and 7 coldest or is it the other way round?
sarah walker
Hi. I need a replacement middle door shelf for my Siltal fridge freezer, F925/E VIP. Please can you advise where I can obtain one. thank you
Good dayCould you please help with a siltal model No:S06 dishwasher please
I need some instruction how to remove the skirt oc a Siltal FC fridge. Probably very simple, but maybe I miss some button or somethingLars
bennett varghese
Hi I would like to know about siltal stella front load washing machine. Technical support and spare parts availability in Kingdom of bahrain.
Kenneth Watt
Hi Yossif,I don't think Siltal sell under their own brand now in the UK but you do see them branded for CDA and some others on occasion.What the position is in other countries we don't know.
Yossif Antonov
Dear Sir/Madam,I would like to express my admiration for Your products and in particular from the washing machine - Siltal SL 048 X H/C, which I have had since 1995. During this period, the only thing I have had to do is to clean the filter.During the rest of the time this washing machine have been working perfectly and continues to work. I would like other people to know this because it is really worth knowing. However my desire is to get a new model and I ask You to assist me and give me advice on what to choose and how to do in general. So I would appreciate all Your assistance in this matter.Best regardsYossif Antonov

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