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Samsha was apparently formed in the year 2000 as an independent brand that looks to be an own label brand distributed by a company called Powerzone based in Sheffield.

Samsha Appliances company logoThe company sells what appears to be re-branded appliances with the washing machine range looking as if it is made for them by Vestel, where the rest of the Samsha products are sourced from is not known but all do look to be re-branded as Samsha do not appear to have any production facilities and we suspect that much of the range is sourced from Vestel.

The address for the company is the same as that of Powerzone Direct so we would logically assume that both companies operate from the same address however the websites of each are, at the time of writing, registered to UK individuals (not as commercial businesses) to different owners. the two websites however have been designed by the same web developer. All of which would seem to indicate that either the two companies are linked or share very close ties with one another.

Given the apparent lack of spares support and without knowing how the appliances are serviced would lead us to advise that you look elsewhere for a budget washing machine.

There are lots of alternatives in the market from Amica (who also offer a two year warranty), Beko and many other brands that are better supported in the industry generally.

  Samsha Service

We are unaware of the national servicing arrangements for Samsha appliances and no information on servicing arrangements for their appliances is offered on their website.

Being yet another Vestel based product most of the appliance engineers from the engineer search probably can repair the machines but they may struggle to source spare parts or to cross reference them to other Vestel produced appliances.

  Samsha Spare Parts

Again, as with servicing, we have no information on spare parts, where they are available or even if they are available.

None of the trade spare part distributors list any spare parts for the brand that we could find at the time of writing and therefore we would have to advise that spare parts availability may be very limited.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical help or advice on any Samsha appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

Tracey auger
HiMy washing machine belt has broken and I need a replacement could you please help and how much to replace Thanks
i would like to confirm with the consumer that i have purchased a samsha washing machine and when it broke down i called the service number and they came out the next day with the parts and replaced the part and serviced my samsha washing machine free of charge,excellen t service.
RE:SAMSHAJust to add to the above piece, it states both on the Powerzone Direct and also the Samsha website that the Samsha products come with a two-year warranty and nationwide service support. There is a customer care department/Service telephone number (0118 933 6918) on the Samsha website also, one would assume that if there is nationwide service backup, (FOR 2 YEARS) that there is also adequate spares available.I think it's fair to say that both companies are linked, Samsha is a registered company and brand that shares the same address as Powerzone Direct who are according to the Samsha site the main distributor of the appliances.

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