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Maytag are a very old and respected brand in the USA that came to the UK and Europe in 1989 when it acquired Hoover from Chicago Pacific and then subsequently sold the UK Hoover operation to Candy of Italy. Other than the flirtation for a few years with Hoover, the actual Maytag brand is little known in Europe and best known for it's line of American side by side fridge freezers.

Maytag appliance company logoHowever over expansion and a general downturn in the appliance market as competition increased from low cost (and poor quality) former Soviet states and Asia brought Maytag under increasing pressure, especially in its home US marklet, leading to the acquisition of Maytag by Whirlpool in 2005 ending the company's independence that had endured for 112 years.

Many of the products on sale today from Maytag are merely re-badged Whirlpool Group products and serves as little more than an own label brand for Whirlpool now.

Maytag UK was based in Redhill, Surrey and remained so for some time after the acquisition by Whirlpool but, ultimately, the staff and operations were absorbed into the Whirlpool operation for the UK.

Until that point Maytag sold it's American top-loading large capacity washing machines which were popular with the semi-commercial market as well as a line of front loading washing machines for the European market that were made by Asko in Sweden however, this is no longer the case.

Refrigeration products were Maytag's forte and they were imported from Maytag's other production facilities and were made by them.

Also the Admiral brand was owned by Maytag and used as a budget brand for their products although this was almost exclusively refrigeration. 

Actual "Maytag" products were in the main pretty good and reasonably reliable if a little pricey. Now however you can buy the same product with a Whirlpool badge as opposed to a Maytag one in some cases for a lot less on most products.

  Maytag Market Position

Whirlpool use Maytag as a "premium" brand just as it does with KitchenAid.

The reality of what this means is that you wil be buying the same product as the lesser brands sell (exactly the same) but dressed up with nicer asthetics and perhaps some extra funky features that are often of little real world use.

For the UK and probably most of Europe specifically what this means is front loading washing machines from Brazil that are also used for the Bauknecht brand, another "premium" branding for Whirlpool. The same is likely to be true for dryers and large capacity front loading washing machiens will almost certainly be rebranded Dreamspace range machines.

Side by side American style fridge freezers from Whirlpool Italy, they are European in origin so far as we know and built to a price point.

Anything else is also liable to just be largely standard Whirlpool stuff dressed up a bit.

Where you to ask us in our opinion if the machines under the brand name were worth the extra money we would have to say, no.

  Maytag Service

Servicing for Maytag is carried out by Whirlpool's Service Partner network almost exclusively although there are many independents that specialise in Maytag products that can be found in our engineer search to service your Maytag applainces, in particular the American side by side refrigeration that can service these fridge freezers at much lower costs, spare pars costs notwithstanding.

Laundry is rare and users that bought the top loading washing machines especially tend to heavy users or they are used in commercial premises and so lifespans tend to be affected by this.

Since Maytag was absorbed into the Whirlpool empire the brand appears to have adopted the same policies as its parent company meaning that spares are expensive and technical information is restricted. This can and does affect the repairer's ability to effectively repair a Maytag product from about 2007/8 onwards.

  Maytag Spare Parts

Maytag spare parts, like Whirlpool spare parts, can be ludicrously expensive!

For this reason most independent dealers do not hold much, if any, stock of spare parts as it is too expensive to do so and the brand is not common enough to justify the cost of holding stocks. The exception being the likes of water filters for Maytag American fridge freezers that we and others do hold good stocks of simply because it is economically viable to do so.

Supplies of Maytag spare parts are reasonably readily available and there is reasonable access to spares.

Spare parts for the older Asko produced products are largely unavaialble now and it would appear that Whirlpool have dropped these completely now offering no support.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical support or help on any Maytag fridge freezer or another appliance as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where much more help will be available and is a completely free service.

Keith Miles
Maytag Service Manual
I am after a service manual for a Maytag MSE860(FARS) dishwasher, as I have a customer with a problem, it will do a rinse cycle but not a wash cycle, it starts it but then comes up with \'overfilling fault\' in the display, but on checking there does not appear to be any water in the base to cause the fault.
Any information gratefully received.

Regards K Miles (DEAR Engineer).

tony woodham
Hello i am looking for a water valve for a admiral american fridge / freezer gc20b7c3e part no.61001022 this part feeds the water to the water despencer and the ice making maker many thanks tony
Ann lloyd
I am trying so find some lower basket wheels for my Maytag Model MDF3800 dishwasher, have you any in stock? many thanks

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