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Tecnowind are another of those companies that most people in the street are very unlikely to have ever heard of but, have probably have seen the company's products or may well even own one and not realise it.

Tecnowind company logoTecnowind specialise in cooker hoods primarily and are one of the largest OEM or own label suppliers in Europe with a turnover in excess of €18 million and holds affiliate relations with manufacturers Lux Home Appliances in China as well as Tecnowind East Europe in Arad, both of which manufacture lower priced cooker hoods. Tecnowind primarily operates from its base in Fabriano in Italy however with production sites located in the region.

In the UK we largely see the cooker hoods re-branded for smaller brand names allowing small brands to have a good range of offerings in their cooker hood range. Given that the most commonly seen cooker hoods are from the lower priced ranges and probably not a good as the more expensive models.

It is not common to see Tecnowind cooker hoods being sold under the Tecnowind brand in the UK and we are not aware of whether the built in hobs have ever been sold in the UK or not.

  Tecnowind Service

Service was largely carried out through independent repair agents across the UK through Independent Service (ISDAL) until the collapse of the HI Group of which ISDAL was a part in 2012. Beyond this point at the time of writing service arrangements for the brand were unknown.

The hoods themselves however present little difficulty for most independent repair companies as the are relatively common and can usually source spare parts from one of the re-branded hoods.

  Tecnowind Spare Parts

At the time of writing there was no direct access to Tecnowind spare parts however many spares that are commonly used on the cooker hoods such as grease filters or carbon filters can normally be found although some cross referencing is often required to find the correct filter. If you require filters please contact us with as much information as you have and, if possible, a photograph of the filter you require and we can cross check for you.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical assistance or fault advice on any Tecnowind cooker hood as the engineers will not see the request. Please use the forums where more help may be available.

Ramiro Blanco
Tecnowind hood range
Tecnowind hood range,I need lamp socket assembly replacement... type OTA01 MODEL NR.3698E
Diana O
Euro style hood model d3-36 SS
I'm looking for replacement grease filters for the D3-36 SS euro style hood. The measurements are 13 7/8 inches x 10 1/4 inches. Any help would be appreciated.
Katerina Peregudin
Recirculating kit/carbon filters
I\'m looking for Recirculating kit/carbon filters for a Tecnowind type DTA01. Any ideas where I can find it in the US?
Many thanks.

James Hagbloom
Hi, I have a tecnowind wall hood model #DD-30-SS. I need some grease filter and possibly some spare bulbs. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.THANKS
alison wharton
need to find a switch compatible with tecnowind CE DTA01 cooker hood. Have tried to contact the company in Italy via email without success. I don't mind having electrician retrofit a different spare. How do I send you a photo of the switch currently on unit?
Tecnowind hub model EC8100 flashing FA. What can be the problem? Thanks

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