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Ignis is a brand name that there is not much known about, including the history of the brand but is now owned wholly by the Whirlpool Corporation, the largest appliance manufacturer in the world.

Ignis AppliancesFrom what we can gather the Ignis brand is used for more budget or contract offerings from the Whirlpool range as an own label brand to builders, kitchen suppliers and so on in order to not erode the value of the more upmarket Whirlpool brands.

  Ignis Service

Service is, as with Whirlpool, carried out through Whirlpool's service partners which can be costly.

Like others Whirlpool are said to be offering the "Cover +1" service where, when you call with an out of warranty service requirement, you will be offered a repair plus an appliance breakdown policy.

Most independents can repair Ignis appliances much cheaper than the Whirlpool Service Partners.

  Ignis Spare Parts

Again, like Whirlpool, spare parts for Ignis appliances can be ludicrously expensive although they are generally available.

Cross referencing common parts with common Whirlpool ones can make obtaining alternative or compatible spare parts possible, especially in respect to oven elements and so on which are common to most of the group's appliances. If you have need please feel free to ask us to try to obtain any Ignis spare parts that you may require but we will require the model number and 12NC number from the rating plate to help you.

Please do not use the comments below to ask for technical assistance or advice on any Ignis appliance as the engineers will not see the request here. Please use the forums where more help will be available and is a completely free service.

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Ignis mini fridge
Does anyone have an ignis mini fridge? I have been experiencing problems with mine and its only been 2 years; shutting off on its own and causing the fridge to defrost.
PeterJohn Scicluna
Ingnis White Goods
I just wanted to let you guys know that I still have my old white Ignis fridge with no frost and a chill dispenser which still works very well in good condition. I bought the Ignis fridge way back in 1993 in Melbourne, Australia, Heidelberg from an electrical goods store that was called Billy Gyatts which has been bought out since from the Good Guys I think. What a milestone nearly 25 years that\'s a good effort.
Lesley Holmes
I am looking for a user Manual for an Ignis Oven AKS14001X. Can you help, I have tried to download a manual but am unable to access the server. Thank you
janice bentley
HI Please could you tell me how to get the glass out to clean its the second glass with two like hinges at the bottom corners. Thank-you j bentley
Hi, The external glass or door glass that has the handle has shattered. I need a replacement part and the Type is IGNIS FXTS6 Mod: AKS200IX Service: 857920022035 and I think the serial is 140742031235. Would you please be kind to let me know if there is a similar part that I can use from Whirlpoool in order to replace the glass.
Kenneth Watt
You'd need to contact the Whirlpool office that covers that region.
Can you find for me a user manual for an Ignis AKS140IX01 oven?
I live in Austin, Texas, USA and my daughter, living in Luxembourg City, Lux. has an Ignis AKS140IX01 oven with no manual to help her use it in her apartment. I have been hunting on the internet for an address for Ignis and found it was owned by Whirlpool. Can you get a manual in pdf form for this appliance? I have had no luck here from Whirlpool.

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